WordPress upgrade 2.7

Now I saw that was released the new version of WordPres 2.7 the Bulgarian natural and hurried to ″pgreidna as previously I made a backup copy of the database and the blogčeto, I don't know what's going to happen 😉 generally went smoothly ″pgreida more than 🙂 Even without a plugin to Growl for incompatibility. At the time I noticed something wrong and običaino that make me doubt that there are problems in general 🙂 the new version in addition to the replacement of the whole design adminskata part seems to me more 🙂 dosat Spry and the dudes are emphasized much of AJAX the technology that is so nice, Thus far in the big dinaičnost we 😉 happy new version and a big thanks to Nikolay who did so to quickly make the Bulgarian translation

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