WordPress easy domain and URL change

Changing a domain in WordPress is a certain pain. Lately I have had to do a few such and now things are happening sporty fast 😀 . If I can recapitalize the steps are 2 – Of course without moving the files, Settings if the entire hosting is changed.

1. Change the old URL to the new – тука нещата са тривиални. Отваряте си wp-config.php файлът и във него поставяте следните 2 Line


By replacing HTTP://example.com with your new.

2. So far now the site opens the URL but the uploaded content as pictures, Documents, etc. is not visible. There is already a need for a rough intervention. You need to replace the old URLs with the new ones in the database. It was a terribly unpleasant process especially for novice users, Not doing well with SQL syntax, But already have a pretty nice script searchreplacedb2, That makes everything uncomfortable for you. Its use is trivial – Upload it to the root directory where your WordPress page is located and open it through your browser. След това следвате стъпките като първо ще ви пита за потребителско име и парола който е взел от вашия wp-config.php и след това ще ви пита за новото и старото url. After the last step you will have to wait for me to take an average of 40 sec-50 sec..

This is basically nothing difficult or super complicated.

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