WordPress easy domain and url change

To change your domain in WordPress is some pain. Recently I had to do several things already happening fast sports 😀 . If I can sumariziram steps are 2 – naturally without moving files, settings if changes entirely hosting.

1. Changing the old URL to the new – Things I here with trivial. Open your wp-config.php file and place it in these 2 row


As replace http://example.com with your new.

2. So far so good now site opens url-th work but uploaded content such as pictures, documents and so not visible. Here it already has a nasty challenge. They must replace the old url-th in a new database. It was terribly troublesome process especially for beginners, who do not do well with SQL syntax, but there is already a pretty nice script searchreplacedb2, which makes it uncomfortable for you. Use is trivial – upload it to the root directory where the wordpress your page and open it in the browser-your. Then follow the steps as you will first prompt you for a username and password which is taken from your URwp-config.php, and then will ask for the old and the new url. After the last step you'll need to take with me poizčakate average 40sek-50 sec.

This is in General, nothing hard or Super complicated.

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