WordPress easy domain and url change

Changing a domain in WordPress is a pain. I've had to do a few lately and things are happening sportily fast 😀 . If I can summarize the steps are 2 – of course without moving the files, настройките ако се сменя изцяло хостинга.

1. Промяна на старото URL със новототука нещата са тривиални. Отваряте си wp-config.php файлът и във него поставяте следните 2 order


Като замествате http://example.com със вашият нов.

2. So far, the site opens well, the urls work, but the uploaded content as pictures, documents and so on are not visible. Rough intervention is already required here. The old urls must be replaced with the new ones in the database. This was a terribly unpleasant process, especially for novice users, which do not handle SQL syntax well, but there is already a pretty nice script searchreplacedb2, who does everything unpleasant for you. Its use is trivial – you upload it to the main directory where your wordpress page is located and open it through your browser. След това следвате стъпките като първо ще ви пита за потребителско име и парола който е взел от вашия wp-config.php и след това ще ви пита за новото и старото url. After the last step you will have to wait for me it took an average of 40 seconds -50 seconds.

This is basically nothing difficult or super complicated.

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