Windows 7

I decided to use Sunday afternoon for a little chovarchkvaniya 🙂 downloaded your Microsoft Windows 7 32Bit Build 6801 🙂 and I dropped it to install on my virtual machine, and set aside a 12GB hard disk space and 1GB of RAM, хостната на Debian Sid. Overall installation quite normal, and finished 😆 installer is the same interfeis who benefit from Windows Vista. Overall installation went relatively quickly, by barzichko of worms where I installed, but not for 3 min as Sidux installed on my machine 😈 then login first again in the familiar way to Vista-minute asks for name and parolka. And I entered into the system… hmmm seemingly clean vista with a wide Task bar and a little good-looking 🙂 second and third quarters and likewise Vista is shit. Overall nezablezah a cardinal change in the folders and Setting-up and so on from the previous version. The vision that is most- humungous stage for Montana razvietie of the operating system does not bother me particularly 🙂 adjusts and so on are made in much the way edintichen. I was unpleasantly surprised that nyaashe VPN support, Maybe it will appear in the final version because a lot of people in dzhitsenie used to connect to your workplace VPN networks 😉 Generally after about 10 min operation succeeded my lovely inscription Not Responding while prenastroivah IP-th of Lanka and so was able to spend 10 minutes then began a long advisor trabalshuting (understand that this is a beta people should be aware of their bugs) Overall I liked how worked in some very rare now managed to reach the limits of processing power and which was separated 2,6Ghz support multi Ramtha about 350 ~ 600MB which I think is much given that nearly Yes, there psuakl proggrami mainly Explorer picking directory. In beta unsighted have many programs and so far left was a suspicious size 2.32 GB although water ultimeit edshan. Generally less SUMMARY beta is pretty unstable nepodazhashta old ustroistva naprime AC'97 audio izemulirah virtual Shashi and caught him and to 2 Intel-type ski Lanka. Quite cumbersome and heavy it thought it was though not normally tried on my machine I think we will not see something who knows how much better than Windows Vista, but to the final riliiz has DOSA time and can momcheteta M $ to try 😆 🙄 😈 … Hardly


  1. Една от 6-те ми ОС на двата ми компотора е Уин7 Релийз кандидата, оставил сам жена ми да работи /тества/ на него и за сега единственото нещо дето ми се е закучило че не ми харЕса последната версия на дЕМОН тУЛСА НО С аЛКОХОЛ 120 стана , основното ми впечетление че може и да е Боза но бие вистата от всякъде, сякаш са го барнали ама времето ще покаже!

    1. ами несъм фен на свин-а така че нямам особено намерени да го плющя пък и това което съм тествал е било от първите рилиизи 😉

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