Cloudmin WHMCS CURL Error: 7 – failed’t connect to host

We are preparing a new service for hosting and during tests while attempting to contact between WHMCS and Cloudmin had the following error

CURL Error: 7 – failed’t connect to host


Fun immediately verify the connection between the machines where the WHMCS-a and Cloudmin-everything works. Verify-port 10000 and open it and access it has 🙄 . Fun!

Правя един бърз на cloudmin сървъра

tcpdump -i br0 host WHMCS_IP

and to my (not very big) Watch the amazement that is trying to connect to the 80th or 443 (If SSL is enabled) ports without asking me for a. By default, the webmin-a and cloudmin-a which is an annex to the first run on SSL 10000 port. Because this stupid system is no IonCube encrypted how to editna the code to fix them indiiskite shit so need a radical approach. Before leaving an investment system of the destination ports with iptables

iptables -t nat -A OUTPUT -d cloudmin_ip -p tcp -m tcp --dport 443 -j DNAT --to-destination cloudmin_ip:10000

where are replacing cloudmin_ip with the IP of your cloudmin installation. After this minor manipulation relationship between WHMCS and Cloudmin take place, but the module continues to have other problems besides this 😆 :lol:

In General for WHMCS I am extremely disappointed in it – pretty wooden, support support-team is slow, documentation of code and other things at odds with reality, quite a large number of errors and pretty hardwood. If I knew it was so bad I would prefer it if I use it with a license reset, instead of to give 300$ for something that works somehow!

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