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Before I started the crap I mean, I'm not very forward with web hosting and everything I write is going to experience that I have acquired in the past 2-3 months. Administriram some pretty busy VPS in attendance according to tyxo is in the top 80 but the top 70 ;). So my point is, After all this time that already have gotten various habits and I've come to the best practices in one way or another (usually the hard) :D. I will not write or to go into the details of the configuration at all. I'd rather share ideas over who might consider.

  1. Update the software regularly. Apache, php mysql all you wants updates. Whether to fix holes in the sigurnista, whether because of corrected bugs or new features. Always keep your software up-to-date. In General, rarely a server breach in aplikaciite usually in holes in the code for the hosted things pierced but not to rely only on this.
  2. Apache – web-server and is not desirable to have more active modules from those who actually use the. The more modules on- slow performance.
  3. More users on the same server – opcode cache. Some time ago I wrote Besides, zerdion do enough tests and see the real benefit of this magic. In my case I chose because the eAccelerator real working environment he shows the good results with put all settings to it. The fast loading by little eating resources which respectively mean more customers.
  4. Push your traffic – gzip. The easiest way to reduce the real traffic you make is with gzip compression of http responses to the client. Mod deflate is the solution for apache. For other http server-and I haven't studied the issue :). About real 50% traffic fell in compression on html,css,js,xml. I need to check if I can compress my and other content should be interesting. Because the photos are real content which makes a lot of traffic in one site.
  5. mysql serer – I highly recommend if you are not awarded the project with version 5.1 to do it. Oracle generally have some small experience with databases and 😆 this experience put him well in 5.1 I haven't tried version 5.5 but I plan to soon. Definitely speed up the performance of sql queries may slightly fell load but with no more than 5-6% but a plus for developers new features are wonderful. The main such partitions. When you upgrade, be careful what settings you have in URmy.cfg not all old options are valid, is also good to remove old libraries, at least in CentOS 5.5 made Debian problems had no such trouble. Then you see the mysql log-but because some of the options have different names and it is okay to change them if after time go to 5.5 don't you wonder why your configuration-damn right I would not.
  6. sql queries. Must enable the option to save the slow query. In these logs, you can return information to the developers if you're not for slow requests to optimize. The few such requests on a small load for your server 😉
  7. Little protection – change default ssh port-and you won't need lame bots can try to hakvat. Apache secure it with mod_security pretty useful module makes filtration of pretty šitni – sql inj, DDoS rfi etc.. It's not going to stop big hahor at least lamerite will sift through them. PHP is a good idea to protect the Suhosin. Can be put as an extension or as a patch in php code. I personally prefer the first over clean feel.

For starters, those are the things that I can think of. There are not many and think I've done a lot of optimizations the server but many of them are quite specific and does not make sense to explain them such as limitacii of the caches or how the process has removed apache-it. In time, you will probably know more stuff and how to tell which are part of the little things that give a great result. The machine is pretty well optimized for the comparison we make 20 k unique visits a day, and we're the low possible vps plan load time of the pages we do not exceed 1,5-2 s or if it exceeds the external sources is about the ads or the page itself spits in a fraction of a second. People with similar positions to us are not optimized servers with a lot more resources than ours and have the same results. Generally optimize's mother and father drinking beer 😆

ps the song slightly make sense with the theme 😀


  1. Не бъди скромен 🙂 сайта прави по 22-23 к дневно а близката конкуренция наистина са на най-високия план за vps с твоята оптимизация и помощ ние смогваме да се държим при 2-3 к по-надоло от тях на най-малкия план за vps , което за мен лично си е огромно предимство 🙂 благодаря ти за което.

  2. И забравих да спомена сървъра в момента държи до около 500 потребителя онлайн 🙂 и се държи добре, разбира се това не е постоянното му натоварване но ги издържа.

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