As an it geek I know, the keel of the people in the field 🙂 What razbirame, which is not what they think they understand, but not quite 😉 today to Popish for one guy which makes one very good program viewnior. The widget serves to viewing photos. Lekai very comfortable - and the author, and Siyan Panayotov it podobrala consistently often 😉 . The website for to see its future goals, currently, the program in version 0.4. Install in the usual way ./confgure && make install 🙂 I have an idea that he helped portwine packages, but it will be in a slightly more distant future that the ports of his shabby work 🙂 neobhodimie the things that you needed automake, and the gtk2+ dev libraries.

ps Boy prodjlive to make us happy, in the same spirit.

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