Upgrade php 5.3 to php 5.4

From about 2 weeks php 5.3 enters history slowly but surely. On the 11th, it announced the end of its support and that only security patches would be released for 1 year. In general, PHP 5.4 goes into old stable stages and PHP 5.5 becomes stable, which is a bit fun because some of the add-ons and plugins of php still do not work quite correctly but also a version 5.5 is quite new so I will refrain from migrating to it.

So let me tell you about my migration to 5.4 from 5.3. I had released it in advance information for obsolete features, those that have changed dramatically and those that will no longer be maintained so that we do not have drama on both sides whether it will ignite or not 😉 So this morning I chose the time to start the migration around 7 as he got up, that there is minimal pain during migration if it does not go smoothly. To my great surprise, everything went more than smoothly – I compiled my PHP 5.4.17 I started apache and oh heavens everything is there. A quick look through the logs has no roar of depricated or unfamiliar features at all – apparently the boys did a good job. Then all I had to do was recompile the add-ons that were compiled with the old API like APC, RAR and others. Second restart and everything fell asleep. Separately, I expect improvements in performance because everywhere people point with their thumb to some tablets that show how PHP 5.4 consumes less RAM and executes scripts faster.

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