This wonderful Saturday night I'm at home and out of nowhere I had to do to update my topic that it was 2 versions back 😆 overall nice that I know which file where I picked it all went pretty smoothly I just forgot to do 2 fix on the css and an additional setting 🙂 Definitely the topic fixes a lot of annoying bugs for example search bar before it was a curve and misaligned now things look a lot smoother

I've been using Firefox 3.1beta2 for a week, I can't complain about the browser at all. It's great for speed. At least 2-3 times faster a little lightened linux option that was hellishly bad even more than skype ;). I just had to disable the add-on compatibility check, which is super easy. When a new tab is opened and the address bar is written about:config Then right-click and click new->boolean for a name you put extensions.checkCompatibility and value you choose false And you're done

Now I just saw that the new version of WordPres 2.7 in Bulgarian and of course I hurried to upgrade by making a backup copy of the database and the blog in advance, that it is not known what will happen 😉 In general, the upgrade went more than smoothly 🙂 Even without any plugin to growl for incompatibility. At the moment I have not noticed anything wrong and common that would make me doubt that there are problems 🙂 in general, the new version, apart from the completely changed design of the admin part, seems to me to be nimble 🙂 the guys put a lot of emphasis on AJAX technology which is damn good, in this way a much greater dynamism is achieved 😉 Congratulations on the new version and a big thank you to Николай who tried so quickly to get the Bulgarian translation

Well, today I'm super productive, I fixed the nasty problem of the smilies where they appeared with some borders, some such stumbles, in general, it turned out that I was looking in the wrong place 😉 in general, when the smilies hide, they have their class and I thought the problem came from it. I'm looking for this class in the css, I didn't find it is set to the img tag, here is the dirty code.

postContent img {
margin: 10px;
border: 3px solid #CCC;

you just remove it and you have no problems if you use a topic like mine 😉 and you are annoyed by the things around the messages and pictures in general it was a useful class for these photos, however, not to touch my smilies classes or something like that but we'll see when I have some time. as well as to change the smilies themselves that these do not please me, I prefer these crazy ones QIP but let's see when I will have more time that now some projects are spinning some schemes 😉 🙄

Today will obviously be my day to get things right. I changed the diain completely, the theme used is taken from the site of StudioPress WordPress Theme I have only slightly removed the annoying banners and the necessarily displayed information. Only the css is a bit of a fight with the smilies, but I will fix it too 🙂 that without a smile it is not an offer. I added and Last.FM listing of the songs that I am a music lover нали .
Now I was looking at the statistics for the visits around 350 visits although I do not write thank you many friends, that's a big number for such a frivolous page 🙂 . I will take revenge on you by writing in a piece I PROMISE 🙂

So now I have time to work on the site and I can proudly say, that at the moment I'm working with a much nicer design, and a new, better system, I've exported almost all the old blogs, as well as categories and links. I still have a lot of work to do, but now they have a new system and it is much more capable PHP from the old which was quite difficult to modify. A little later in the afternoon I think to change the emoticons that they are very wooden for me and to fix them here and there, that I saw that the enamel system is hollow