This beautiful Saturday night, I'm home from namine that pavaresia to jedeite amicita what was 2 versions ago 😆 overall it's good that you know which file Kade I toplil everything went very gradsko just forgot to do 2 fix for css a and one additional setting 🙂, of Course, the theme to fix a rather annoying glitches, for example, shirt bar before was one krivichy and pass one now it looks Very smooth

Week gold Firefox 3.1beta2 do not know how to I complain of brushlet. It was great, than speed. At least 2-3 times for quick as Alcatel linuxia option that was so bad, and even more than Skype ;). I just may have to discontinue the checking compatibility of add-ons it holds super easy. How to open a new tab and in the address bar write about:config Then right bution mouse cliquant and new->boolean the name put extensions.checkCompatibility and stoinost choice false And you are ready

Now I saw that was released the new version of WordPres 2.7 the Bulgarian natural and hurried to ″pgreidna as previously I made a backup copy of the database and the blogčeto, I don't know what's going to happen 😉 generally went smoothly ″pgreida more than 🙂 Even without a plugin to Growl for incompatibility. At the time I noticed something wrong and običaino that make me doubt that there are problems in general 🙂 the new version in addition to the replacement of the whole design adminskata part seems to me more 🙂 dosat Spry and the dudes are emphasized much of AJAX the technology that is so nice, Thus far in the big dinaičnost we 😉 happy new version and a big thanks to Nikolay who did so to quickly make the Bulgarian translation

Exe today I am super productive squared nasty problem of smailite who appeared with some some ost″pi takvia borderi generally proved that I was looking in the wrong place when generally 😉 krietvat smailite have their class and I thought of him comes the problem I'm looking at a css class I don't find I thought somewhere from v″trre Ho filed no defined but izv″tre around contents gone crazy tonight 👿 postanh a photo and saw that and it comes out the same way and now I'm struggling with that having that set the img tag and here's the father-source.

postContent img {
margin: 10px;
border: 3px solid #CCC;

just remove it and you have no problems if I use temička as my 😉 and annoy your things around msailite and the pictures were generally useful classes for these pictures, however, however, don't touch my smailite can I do considering he's only klasče especially for smailite which excludes all other classes or something like that but we'll see when I will have more time. as well as changing them themselves not smaili like I prefer these crazy QIP but see when I will have more time now that some projects are spinning the 😉 schemes, 🙄

Today's the day to pick up the pieces. I changed the diainčeto fully, ipozlvanata theme is taken from the saita StudioPress WordPress Theme I'm just a little removed annoying banners and display required information. Only the CSS a little arguing with smailite but it will fix it 🙂 it without no offer Huong. I added and Last.FM listing of songs that I'm melomanče 😉 .
Now I looked at the statistics of visits around 350 visits although I don't write thank you very much friends, This is a big number for such a silly page 🙂 . Will you make it up as I write more often I PROMISE 🙂

So now I have time to work on with pride and saita to State, that the cabin working with quite a nice design, and a new better system exported am almost all old blogs, as well as the categories and links. I have a lot of work again but now Mandy's new system and has a lot more material. PHP by OL which was quite difficult to modify. A little later in the afternoon, I think I'm going to change my emotinkite that these are my very dr″veni and to fix here and there, I saw that little dupkava sistemkata 🙂