From 2 days I completely lost Windows Mobile and installed Android on NAND 2.2 on my HTC Kaiser. Overall, my observations are positive – not that I have time for in-depth work and research of the seams that start on the phone, etc. but I like at least the idea that there is a normal terminal emulator, that I can stick a top on my phone, ls, iptables, telnet or ssh to do my job normally remotely. I have slight remarks on eating RAM but I believe, that if I drive a SWAP partition into it, things will improve. With the rest of the time, I will study in more detail the init structure of this nonsense to see how many unnecessary things I will remove and whether I will be able to save the startup time..

I have been the owner of for about a week now HTC TyTN 2. I sold my old HTC TyTN 1 and with some surcharge I bought the Kaiser(the TyTN code name 2). My new communicator is different from the old one with its much better hardware – a new generation ARM processor, 2 times more RAM for large NAND for ROM. Apart from the fact that it also has GPS, which I really missed in the old Hermes. The previous owner had not experimented with the machinery and so all the fun of SPL-unlocking and unlocking fell to me 🙂 At the moment I drive it with Android through the memory card, that something lately I'm not fascinated by the droid and I'm thinking of playing to port Openmoko GUI. My work on the previous project ended with the Touch Screen driver. I believe there was more bread in the project but I had neither the time nor the nerve to deal with it. For now, I will drive with Android until I have time to port Openmoko, but the droid, no matter how much I don't like it, is better Windows Mobile 😉 I have various remarks on the work of the phone but the project is too advanced yet to join the development team.

I have been the owner of the sympathizer for almost a whole week HTC TyTN or known by the code name HTC Hermes. The phone was basically with windows mobile 5.0 but I use it with 6.1 🙂 I tried and 6.5 however, something lags on him a little. Its keyboard is insanely comfortable, I can easily program on it 😉 The display is enough to stare at a movie on the train or bus. HTC typewriters ( High Tech Computer ) they have always carried on with good fame and I can say, that it is not without reason at all. The model is a little old 2006 🙂 , but works perfectly with new applications, а като характиристики само по рам памет остъпва на новите модели. I'm a little sorry I did the best I could- the bad choice for a phone that I decided to change its operating system, because Hermes' Linux and Android project is as possible as possible- initial stages, almost on 0 is. In any case, I will have to join the development team, to give them a shoulder. For now, I am working on my own on the porting of arm kernel to which to add a patch for the video. Video accelerator is possibly the most serious problem, because it is almost mystical and some boys have written elementary control at a very early level, but it will work too. In general, it sounds simple, but it's a lot of work and reading. But a hell of a lot of platforms and a few developers so I'm not surprised that projects are moving a hell of a slow. 🙂 At least I'll have fun.

Now I look at the office phone too little and see, that I blew up his display without realizing it. I threw it away directly – he is a veteran Sony Ericsson T230 but overall his function was to drive a lot of time talking and yes … and yes it is. I only talk to a special group of people on my office phone, for more I have a personal 😉 Not that my personal is a miracle of technology K310 which I flashed with the software on W200i I also don't need this for some havi such as photos and videos, that's why he has digital cameras 😉 so my thought is that for now I have fixed the situation with a retired J100i for business but soon I will have to make my personal business and buy some more readable for personal. And if I'm going to dig, I'll want it to be something like, say, with windows mobile so that I can later upload Linux or google's android. For now, I'm looking at some nice things and I've come up with a pretty interesting offer for HTC Diamond. But I like to give so much money for a phone hihihihihi, big dilemma right, on the other hand, it will soon be my birthday and it will not be bad to make a nice gift. Abe is a big dilemma 😈 and if I'm going to dig up my phone it won't be some ordinary, that I wish there were clicks on it, on the other hand I have an Asus EEE 1000H which fills my life for other rattles. Anyway, as long as I annoy people with idiots, if some have an offer phone from this rand to whistle 😉