By 2 days entirely Windows-Mobile I got rid of it and I have installed a NAND Android on- 2.2 on my HTC Kaiser. Generally my observations are positive – not that I have time for extensive work and research on šitnite that run on the phone and stuff but I like the little ideâtam that there is a normal terminal emulator, I can pick up the phone top, ls, iptables, telnet or ssh to do my normal work remotely. I have mild observations on eating the RAM but I believe, че ако му забия един SWAP дял ще се подобрят нещата. Като остане време ще се занимая по подробно с изследване на init структурата на тая глупост да видя колко излишни неща ще махна и дали ще успея да сваля времето на стартиране.

By about a week I'm already the owner of HTC TyTN 2. I sold my old HTC TyTN 1 and with some supplements I bought Kaiser-a(the code name of the TyTN 2). My new Communicator is different from the old one with a lot more good hardware – the new generation ARM processor, 2 times more RAM for larger NAND ROM-a. Separately, it also has a GPS which foolishly I missed him a lot in the old Hermes. The previous owner was not experimented with machinery, and that's why all the pleasure of the SPL and unlocking and fell to me To drive it right now 🙂 with Android in the memory card, that's something I'm not delighted with the droid and I think I'm going to play to portna Openmoko GUI. My work on the previous project completed as portnah Touch Screen driver-a. I believe there was more bread in the project but had neither the time nor the nerves to deal with it. So far, will drive with Android-a until I have time to portna Openmoko-it though droid as much as I like better Windows Mobile 😉 I got some remarks on work of the phone but the project is far too advanced to be included in the team of developers.

Almost a week I am the owner of the head HTC TyTN or known under the code name HTC Hermes. The phone is in principle the mother was with windows mobile 5.0 but I think with the gold 6.1 🙂 Tried and 6.5 it, however, something a little lagwa. Claviculata it incredibly convenient of the peace I programme it 😉 Display is enough for a movie sapana watched the movie in train or bus. Freight cars HTC ( High Tech Computer ) always had a good reputation, and I can tell, that is not unreasonable. The model slightly starchok 2006 🙂 , but it works perfectly with the new applications, а като характиристики само по рам памет остъпва на новите модели. A little sad that I made it possible- bad choice for the phone that I decided to make its operating system, because the project is for linux and Android on Hermes can be in- the initial stage, almost 0 it is. In any case, I have Vlasov team at razrabotchika, they odara one shoulder. While working smokingcan on portmoneto on arm - to add a patch for add the video. Video accelerator wyzemoro the most serious problems, because it is almost mystical, and some guys nupcial elementarno control very early level, but it will work. In General, it would seem simple, but it's quite a bit of work and reading. But a hell of a lot of platforms, and some developers never wonder what projects are going very slowly. 🙂 At least be fun.

Now predmalku to watch the service on your phone and see, I splattered diplay, didn't know what it is. Communicate directly threw – SFU is one veteran Sony Ericsson T230 but in General, its function was to drive around a lot of time in conversations and … and this. In the office my phone, I only talk to a special group of people, for more I have a personal 😉 Not that my personal this miracle of technology K310 I flashnul software W200i this too me is not required for Naqvi Xavi, like photos and videos, it has its own digital cameras 😉 so my point is that so far sakray polojenie with one pensionerka J100i about the company, but soon I need private for me to become a business and buy something for safekeeping of personal. А ако ще си копувам ще искам да е нещо по така да речем с windows mobile че да мога да в последствие да му кача линукс или пък android-a на google. At the moment, consider any affectionate Xavi and americh quite an interesting offer for HTC Diamond. But I sigdat to give tolkvoa money on the phone hihihihihi, the great dilemma, isn't it, on the other hand, soon my day and not bad to make yourself a nice gift. Abe a big dilemma 😈 and if kupuvam phone not some ordinary, I have zhigalki on it, on the other hand, I have a Asus EEE 1000H I fills life for other Chalki. And as long as I teased people with idiocy, if there are some ofertan phone this Rand whistle 😉