I haven't scratched anything for a long time that I'm on vacation and I'm spending a lot of time testing my new 9600GT video card. True, the 9800GTX is not what I wanted to buy, but the price of this one was temptingly low and I decided to spare the money.. I think it's a good buy. The map exceeded my expectations several times. So far, except for GTA IV, all other games at 1440x900 are running at max with AA & AF 😉 😈 The video card belongs to the company Gainward which is relatively unknown to me. The card has 512MB of DDR3 memory with 256 household bus 😎 generally good performance is 😉 The important thing is that it is actively cooled and carries on a clock, although for now I will refrain, so far the games don't start to lag at me then we'll see I can just change the bottom with one that supports SLI instead of knocking and frying the poor card. I also put Windows on because of her 7 and I can say that the gentlemen from the micro-soft have done great – they removed all idiotic things from the worm that they irritated unnecessarily, the system works stably and most- the important thing for me is to support dx10 to test the optimum on the card. As a final word I can say that 9600GT is a good and cheap solution if you decide to upgrade the old video, for me the difference was huge from 8300 (bottom) to the present 🙂

I look like a kid, I test games a lot, I read which one with which graphics and so on. I scrolled through Devil May Cry 4 great game with great graphics supports dx10 and dx9 modes according to the hardware you have 🙂 I would test to see the difference between the two versions but I forgot, maybe some day I will download it again and then I will write a static on whether dx10 makes sense 🙂

I decided to use Sunday afternoon for a little chewing 🙂 I took it off Microsoft Windows 7 32Bit Build 6801 🙂 and I let it install on my virtual machine, as well as I set aside 12GB hard disk space and 1GB RAM, Debian Sid host. In general, the installation is quite normal, as well as complete 😆 the installer has the same interface that Windows Vista uses. In general, the installation went relatively quickly, faster than the worms I installed, but not for 3 min as long as Sidux is installed on my machine 😈 Then the first login again in the familiar way on Vista asks for a name and password. And I logged in… hmmm at first glance clean vista with a wider task bar and a little better looking 🙂 on the second third and fourth too Vista is his shit. In general, I did not notice any drastic change in the folders and settings, etc. from the previous version. The vision that is the most- the insignificant stage for the assembly development of the operating system did not excite me much 🙂 The settings, etc. are made in an almost uniform way. I was unpleasantly surprised that there was no VPN support, may appear in the final version because a lot of people in jitsin use VPN networks to connect to their workplace 😉 In general, after about 10 min work managed to give me the wonderful inscription Not Responding while I was reconfiguring the IPs of the link and so I managed to spend 10 minutes then a long troubleshooting wizard started (understandably this is a beta people need to be aware of their bugs) Overall, I liked how it worked in a few very rare moments, managed to reach the limits of CPU power, which I had allocated 2.6Ghz, the frame maintained levels around 350 ~ 600MB, which I think is a lot, given that I am almost no psaukl programs, mainly explorer. I didn't see many programs in the beta, that's why it was of dubious size 2.32 GB although there is an ultimate edition. Overall a little summary the beta is quite unstable unsupported old devices like AC’97 audi emulated with the virtual bus and didn't catch it anyway 2 type of Intel-ski links. Quite cumbersome and heavy it seemed to me that although I did not try it on my normal machine I think we will not see anything who knows how much better than Windows Vista, but there is plenty of time until the final release and the boys from M $ can try 😆 🙄 😈 … Hardly