So before I start writing any hot and unboiled I want to say that the article is for educational purposes only and I have not tested it if it will work just a sick idea 😆 😎 The author and does not bear any responsibility for property and any harm 😉

So before I explain about the idiots that go through my head, let's have a little background. So my favorite non-social site LAST.FM a long time ago he was obviously caught and the crisis and banned from listening to free music through it in almost all countries, and to listen you have to pay by 3 euros per month. Generally a token amount. I understand, that people have to pay for licenses, Internet traffic, current and so on, that I don't find the fact bad, that you have to pay for this service. I was really annoyed that the people of Germany, England and the USA are not obliged to pay to listen to music другите and others are entitled to 30 песнички безплатно и след това давайте парички. От много време не ми се беше налагало да ползвам тоя вид услуга, because I found replacements until a month ago my hard drive burned out at work and I have to use an emergency 20GB old man. Of course, there is no place for music on it, that's why I don't care. I'm tired of listening to the radio, the music I like on a radio is around 10%-20% from its contents and I constantly switch between 20 radio where I bumped into a playlist. Tiring and boring activity.

So enough with empty talk, let me tell you what's going on in my hollow head. Recently I had to hide my tracks on the net and presented my web-agent from various other destinations – China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and others. And I thought about what would happen if I changed the connection of the player???? Dam has a connection to his Internet connection – Tools->Options->Connection. There you need to select a manual proxy setting. And then enter the necessary host and port data that will proxy our traffic. It remains to find a suitable free proxy on the net from the countries where the traffic is released for free and set up your agent and the veil magic should be ready 😉