Windows is losing popularity I came across this interesting article today while looking at IT news and so on. The truth is that the share of M $ is hellishly large, but it is obvious that people are looking for alternatives - especially mania is conquering both Europe and Bulgaria.. For example, see how many people are willing to do it hackintosh And for Linux I will not comment. Everyone who has managed to jump the barrier of another OS sees its differences… draw your own conclusions. In general, I'm writing the statics not to stock up on the bad M $ and the good Linux 🙂 it's just interesting that there is really hope at the end of the tunnel. And now something a little more interesting I played to summarize the statistics on my site to divide them into 3 branches to see what the visits are 😉 The numbers are happy

Windows 81.8%
Ubuntu Linux 17.3%
Mac OS X 0.9%

In general, Linux users are a serious number which can not help but delight my soul 🙂 The hegemony of Windows users is clear but 🙂 in the end everyone uses what is convenient but there is no way to know if there is something better when you just tried 1 😉 For every loyal Windows fan I can recommend Mac OS X a beautiful and easy to use operating system that generally does not require top knowledge except for its installation 🙂 But once installed everything will be fine