After a long time of writing and testing, I can finally say that the 0.6th version of NUKI is a fact. There are so many improvements in it and everything has changed so much, that it's like it's been rewritten 🙂 Enough of giving me nonsense.

  1. Completely rewritten and changed logic for checking the processes on the receivers
  2. Separation of receivers into receiving free and encrypted channels
  3. Universalization of the decryption process 🙂 😉
  4. Links are a database because I pass arguments for the above points to the NUKI script
  5. Optimization of the script speed 🙂
  6. The hides of the receiver are 2 one main and one additional to check the CPU time of the processes – I'm just trying to achieve the functionality of defining functions that are not in ash

A little more competent description in changelog-а 🙂

Well, maybe that's the moment, that's enough 😉 There are a lot of changes. The performance of the script has increased several times – since its release until now I have not had to restart the cancer receiver 🙂 Now I notice that I have chosen an interesting date to announce the day before my birthday hihihihihihi Greetings with the following song, as well as for me after such hard work 😆

And I forgot to say why I chose a code name for this version 😉 Because it's probably some of the latest versions before I reach the 100% functionality I want 😈