Идеятаеидентичнакактовпостами VACUUM Firefox databases and REINDEX. for some time mozilla debian dumped ребрадинраните versions of products. in migration of icedowe to thunderbird thinking, i haven't дефрагментирал base, so far, through email client leaked serious amount of letters, email accounts and servers, users and passwords. The script is identical to the one from my previous post with only slight modification for where to look for the files 🙂

Linux version

for db in $(find ~/.thunderbird/$(grep Path ~/.thunderbird/profiles.ini | cut -d'=' -f2) -maxdepth 1 -name "*.sqlite" -type f)
echo "VACUUM ${db}"
sqlite3 ${db} VACUUM
sqlite3 ${db} REINDEX

Mac os version

for db in $(find ~/Library/Thunderbird/$(grep Path ~/Library/Thunderbird/profiles.ini | cut -d'=' -f2)  -maxdepth 1  -name "*.sqlite" -type f)
echo "VACUUM && REINDEX ${db}"
sqlite3 "${db}" VACUUM;
sqlite3 "${db}" REINDEX;

Unlike the Firefox profile folder of the Thunderbird is a much more correct way (without space) and it is not necessary to change the delimiter.

I'll have to make a bootable USB on OS X. To my great surprise, I found that the speed of copying with DD - otvratitelno low ~600KB/s 😕 . After a short search I found, what should I use rdiskX instead diskX. The idea is that rdisk is a synonym for raw device. Well from here I added one r blokovoe device to that of coper ISO then found that the speed is below ~150-200KB/s 😡 . Already mystics is complete and the previous information was confirmed from different sources!!!! Everything fell into place after I bs Directive.

bs=n Set both input and output block size to n bytes, superseding the ibs and obs operands. If no conversion values other than swab rearrange, notrunc or sync are specified, then
each input block is copied to the output as a single block without any aggregation of short blocks.

Once I put 1M size bs achieved speeds are expecting it to USB-me. Then tested the difference between disk and rdisk definitely the difference was about 10-12 once in speed in favor of rdisk. Very cultural way to control the speed and progress of dd can be achieved in the following Convair

sudo dd if=Downloads/path.to.iso bs=1M | pv | sudo dd of=/dev/rdisk2 bs=1M

by 2-3 days do something quite evil 😈. As you know I have a little one without optical ustroistvo to him and therefore folding of any OS having preinstal an alternative way that is via the USB port and because I do not davt 100 and odd lev The USB dvd just so I can preinstalvam a guy folded like something bought flash drive that Mac-and I for preinstal of 2 weeks. I bought and my 8GB for 32 lev rest will izpozlvma beer 😉 Ragledah tutorial and video 2 disturbing things

1. to make this stick is required to have optical ustroistvo shalt tutorial vprechem which is not quite complete 😉 separately that not everyone riliiz permits. Wow, immediately followed by the question but co have only one company and no optical utroistvo??? With Linux will takvia problems just hitting iso-it and razpaketivash and then write a syslinux boot reckord to do and get ready so I looked for another way

2. found similar to the first tutorial but complete and the requirement to have installed mak :lol: ебаси хората ами нали целта ми е сега да инстална пък ако старата ми машина не подържа мак какво да правим 😉 както и да е без много много да му мисля закачих мак на персоналния ми комп и о небеса стана 🙂 всичко направих от исото на iAtkos v5 10.5.5 installer flashche everything went smoothly isntalria extremely fast

Hitherto well but it is still a pending issue that there is no effective way without being limited by OS or hardware to make the installer stick to mak-a 🙂 and generally for the moment thinking some tricks of the trade to invent a universal way for this purpose in the case everything is 2 field

1. razpaketivane not properly DVD-it with the contents of that axis modes ball at the moment none 100% successful

2. Booth this level still grasping Yes, there generally I do a package with files of this type of Chameleon-a or EFI of Netkast according depends and then save them to think that I can handle a little easier with this level.

Overall for the time I have my successes and failures if I do not get tired I think I will soon have a serious progress, but it sucks that you got quite failures and not very onadahan to keep Abe complex shitnya 🙂 long as I otekchaval people

Finaly again in svetu 🙂 mobile all the way in the ultra mobile. K″pih this little gem hard to cook great dish Asus EEE 1000H with Linux Xsandros WELL-it's my 160GB HDD 🙂 which is the optimal option for the moment for these machines. Initially I thought that 10″ inch displays (254mm) It's going to be too small or something, After about 40 minutes of it I know, that there are no problems, will satisfy my needs entirely. The first are vpečtleniâ with 14% from your battery out for about 40 min in coarse accounts will make 5 hours of battery life absolutely 🙂 enough with similar parameters of battery life can boast only Apple machines. Weight of 1 Kompaknoto, 45kg delivers the comfort of transport and land use for the difference before 2 days of a sednâh 17″ kûpešnik that gave me trouble to lift it 😉 my Vpečtleniâta Xsandros and are extremely deplorable, first comes with KDE izrudlivo five, which is modified so that it looks like your brand of SWIN. The second I saw the console, the third and most saw abnormal section with antivirus 😆 now that's movie, What is the antvirusna linuksa. There's some really izmil′otini that are called viruses for Lin but they are so far from the truth 🙂 wait for it to load properly and to put something so, I haven't yet decided what it would be like but there are enough distroci specially adapted for EEE-it, almost all known 😉 The cute thing is that 1000H-hold Mac OS X with some turns can be installed almost 100% rabotreŝ hakintoš. For the moment only lakartata does not work but očavam to her pusant and her soon. Windows think that haivanče not to see, There's no need for such meetings 😉 neslučaino I took it with the Linux option will not nalviam money mikromekite 😉 in her Separate that fact with Windows XP takvoa is a netbuče with a few hundred euro on top 🙂 if you're a fan of SWIN-a problem not steal him pinning his 🙂 without problems and even to have an external CD/DVD reader with only one flash drive is not a problem to install anything. And so consequently I for the moment to drive without an external optical locating device. For the moment is that I can write about fuzzy, with more experience will share interesting stuff around it.

ps if you are not sure whether to buy such a thing not worth worth every hesitation Lev 😉

Windows губи популярност на тази интересна статия попаднах днес доакто разглеждах ИТ новините и прочие. Истината е че дяла на М$ е адски голям но е видно че хората търсят алтернативи 🙂 особвено мак манията завладява както европа така и българия. Наприемр вижте колко хора имат желание да си направят хакинтош 🙂 а за линукс няма да коментирам. Всеки един човек които е успял да прескочи бариерата на друга OS вижда разликите иправи си изводите. Като цяло пиша статииката не за да зарибявам против лошото М$ и доброто линукс 🙂 просто е интересен факта че наистина има надежда в края на тунела. А сега нещо малко по интересно поиграх си да сумирам статистиките на моя саит да ги азделя на 3-те клона да видим какви са посещенията 😉 Цифрите са радостни

Windows 81.8%
Ubuntu Linux 17.3%
Mac OS X 0.9%

Като цяло линукс потребителите са си сериозна цифра което няма как да не радва душичката ми 🙂 Хегемонията на Windows потребителите е ясна но 🙂 в краиан сметка всеки да изпозлва това което му удобно но няма как да знае дали няма нещо по добро когато си пробвал само 1 😉 За всеки верен Windows фен мога да препоръчам Mac OS X красива и лесна за употреба операциона система която като цяло не изисква върховни познания освен за инсталацита си 🙂 Но веднъж инсталирана всичко ще бъде наред