Mozilla Thunderbird

The idea is identical to my post Firefox databases VACUUM and REINDEX. For some time now, Debian has lost the rebranded versions of Mozilla products. When I migrated from Icedowe to Thunderbird, I thought about it, that I have not defragmented my database, and so far a serious amount of letters have leaked through my email client, email accounts and servers, users and passwords. The script is identical to the one from my previous post only with a slight modification for where to look for the files 🙂

Linux version

for db in $(find ~/.thunderbird/$(grep Path ~/.thunderbird/profiles.ini | cut -d'=' -f2) -maxdepth 1 -name "*.sqlite" -type f)
echo "VACUUM ${db}"
sqlite3 ${db} VACUUM
sqlite3 ${db} REINDEX

Mac os version

for db in $(find ~/Library/Thunderbird/$(grep Path ~/Library/Thunderbird/profiles.ini | cut -d'=' -f2)  -maxdepth 1  -name "*.sqlite" -type f)
echo "VACUUM && REINDEX ${db}"
sqlite3 "${db}" VACUUM;
sqlite3 "${db}" REINDEX;

Unlike Firefox's profile folder, Thunderbird's is in a pretty good way (without space) and no change to the delimiter is required.

I had to make a bootable USB under OS X. To my great surprise, I found that the copy speed with DD is disgustingly low ~ 600KB / s 😕 . After a short search I found, that I should use rdiskX instead of diskX. The idea is that rdisk is synonymous with raw device. So far, I immediately added an r to the block device to which I copied the ISO and then found that the speed is even lower ~ 150-200KB / s 😡 . The mystique is now complete and previous information has been confirmed by many sources!!!! Everything fell into place after I put the bs directive.

bs=n Set both input and output block size to n bytes, superseding the ibs and obs operands. If no conversion values other than noerror, notrunc or sync are specified, then
each input block is copied to the output as a single block without any aggregation of short blocks.

After I put 1M for the size of bs I achieved the speeds I expected from my USB. Then I tested and the difference between disk and rdisk definitely the difference was about 10-12 times in speed in favor of rdisk. A very cultural way to monitor the speed and progress of dd can be achieved with the following pipeline

sudo dd if=Downloads/ bs=1M | pv | sudo dd of=/dev/rdisk2 bs=1M

from 2-3 days I'm doing something pretty bad 😈. As you know, I have a little one without an optical device to it, and therefore when folding an OS, it is necessary to reinstall it in an alternative way, ie through the USB port, and because I do not 100 and a shortfall of BGN for a USB DVD just so I can reinstall like a dude when I folded something I bought a flash drive that my Mac is for reinstalled from 2 weeks. I also bought an 8GB for 32 BGN, the rest will be used for beer 😉 I looked at the tutorials and saw 2 disturbing things

1. to make such a flash drive you need to have an optical drive according to this one tutorial which, however, is not quite complete 😉 separately that not every release allows it. immediately followed the question fuck, well, I only have one computer and I don't have an optical device??? There are no such problems with Linux, you just download the iso and unpack it and then with syslinux you write to make a boot reckord and you're ready, so I looked for another way

2. I found similar to the first tutorial but complete with the requirement to have a poppy installed :mrgreen: fuck people, well, my goal now is to install it, but if my old machine doesn't support the poppy, what can we do? 10.5.5 installation flash everything went smoothly isntalria is extremely fast

So far so good, but still the question remains that there is no effective way without being limited by OS or hardware to make an installation flash drive for the Mac 🙂 and in general at the moment I'm thinking of various tricks to come up with a universal way for this purpose in this case everything is on 2 levels

1. Proper unpacking of the DVD with the contents of the axis in question does not hurt at the moment 100% successful

2. booting this level I still have not caught it in general I think to make a package with the files of Chameleon or EFI on Netkast according to depends and then save them I think I will deal a little easier with this level.

In general, at the moment I do not have my successes and failures, if I do not get tired I think I will soon have more serious progress., but it's ugly that when you have a lot of failures and you're not very inspired to continue abe complex sewing 🙂 as long as I've swollen people

Finaly again in the world of mobile 🙂 and only in ultra mobile. I bought this a little too much jewelry Asus EEE 1000H with Linux Xsandros My EEE is a 160GB HDD 🙂 which is the optimal option for these machines at the moment. At first I thought that 10″ inch displays (254mm) it will be too small for me or something, after about 40 I know him, that there are no problems, will satisfy my needs completely. First impressions are more than good with 14% He spent about 40 minutes on the battery, which he will do roughly 5 hours of battery life достатъчно absolutely enough with similar parameters of battery life can only be praised by Apple machines. The compact weight of 1.45 kg provides comfort of carrying and use unlike before 2 days I sat on a 17″ who gave me the trouble to lift it 😉 My impressions of the Xsandros are extremely deplorable, first it comes with some tricky KDE that is so modified that it looks like a pig. Secondly, I did not see the console, third and most striking I saw a section with antivirus 😆 is already a movie, for which my antivirus is on linux. True, there are some tricks called lin viruses, but they are so far from the truth 🙂 I'm waiting for him to load like people and put something like that on him, I have not yet decided what it will be but there are enough specially adapted distros for the EEE, almost all known 😉 The nicest thing is that 1000H supports MAC OS X with a few screws it can be installed almost 100% working hackintosh. At the moment, only the lacarta does not work, but I expect to put it on soon. Windows I think this animal does not see, there is no need for such meetings 😉 it is no coincidence that I took it with a Linux version, I will not pour money into its micro-soft ones 😉 Separately, the fact that with Windows XP such a netbook is about a hundred levs more 🙂 its attachment is without problems even if you do not have an external CD / DVD reader with only one flash drive it is not a problem to install anything. So I thought to proceed and for the moment to drive without an external optical drive. For now, this is what I can write about the little one, with more experience I will share interesting things about it.

ps If you are hesitant whether to buy such a thing, it is not worth the hesitation, it is worth every lev 😉

Windows is losing popularity I came across this interesting article today while looking at IT news and so on. The truth is that the share of M $ is hellishly large, but it is obvious that people are looking for alternatives - especially mania is conquering both Europe and Bulgaria.. For example, see how many people are willing to do it hackintosh And for Linux I will not comment. Everyone who has managed to jump the barrier of another OS sees its differences… draw your own conclusions. In general, I'm writing the statics not to stock up on the bad M $ and the good Linux 🙂 it's just interesting that there is really hope at the end of the tunnel. And now something a little more interesting I played to summarize the statistics on my site to divide them into 3 branches to see what the visits are 😉 The numbers are happy

Windows 81.8%
Ubuntu Linux 17.3%
Mac OS X 0.9%

In general, Linux users are a serious number which can not help but delight my soul 🙂 The hegemony of Windows users is clear but 🙂 in the end everyone uses what is convenient but there is no way to know if there is something better when you just tried 1 😉 For every loyal Windows fan I can recommend Mac OS X a beautiful and easy to use operating system that generally does not require top knowledge except for its installation 🙂 But once installed everything will be fine