It's been a while 3 I have an Asus EEE 1000H for days and I can't complain about it at all. For these 3 days I hit him hard on a test of distroci which will go well on the little one. In general, there are various Ubuntu havi where they are tricked about the EEE, but I didn't like something very much 😉 I'm sado / masochistic in this respect.. I tried various Slax and BackTrack but at the moment my wi-fi adapter does not support injection 😈 so I prefer something like that. After a short tour I found this tutorial Debian EEE 😉 It describes in great detail how to install Debian on your EEE PC. If you don't read it or you're a little quarrelsome with English, I'm generalizing to you 1-2 thin moments.

1. He takes you off this ~16MB image

2. With the dd command you mark it on a flash drive as big as you have dd swin option. The unpacking itself is done with

Linux – it is very important that your USB device is not mounted

dd if=debian-eeepc.img of=/dev/YOUR-USB-DEVICE

Pig <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>X: is the letter of your device</span>

dd if=debian-eeepc.img od=X:

3. You start your EEE by telling it to read your flash drive first. The installer is known 😉 I. ;I chose an expert instal because of most options and especially that I had the opportunity to choose between the 3 options stable, testing & unstable 🙂 guess which one I chose 😎 During the installation the network hardware is absolutely familiar the network and wi-fi adapter go by default.

4. When the installation is complete, everything is fine, I have a ready working debut of EEE PC. but there is a need for a little tuning, for example, the function buttons do not work or do not show the correct speed stepping and battery storage options 😉 For this thing you have to either start everything by hand or 😉 use the violins eee-ubuntu-support which I reworked wekinko for our debut click I have removed some things from the scripts , such as costing a debian X., I also added the activation of the camera беше that it was turned off by default. There is still something to touch on them, but if I have time I will do it. I also don't know if the violin will work correctly with the other EEEs 😉

From here on out, you add the repositories for the option you have chosen and use your EEE PC with a song in your mouth..

ps It's good to install a lock-keys-applet to see what's going on with Caps Lock 😉

Finaly again in the world of mobile 🙂 and only in ultra mobile. I bought this a little too much jewelry Asus EEE 1000H with Linux Xsandros My EEE is a 160GB HDD 🙂 which is the optimal option for these machines at the moment. At first I thought that 10″ inch displays (254mm) it will be too small for me or something, after about 40 I know him, that there are no problems, will satisfy my needs completely. First impressions are more than good with 14% He spent about 40 minutes on the battery, which he will do roughly 5 hours of battery life достатъчно absolutely enough with similar parameters of battery life can only be praised by Apple machines. The compact weight of 1.45 kg provides comfort of carrying and use unlike before 2 days I sat on a 17″ who gave me the trouble to lift it 😉 My impressions of the Xsandros are extremely deplorable, first it comes with some tricky KDE that is so modified that it looks like a pig. Secondly, I did not see the console, third and most striking I saw a section with antivirus 😆 is already a movie, for which my antivirus is on linux. True, there are some tricks called lin viruses, but they are so far from the truth 🙂 I'm waiting for him to load like people and put something like that on him, I have not yet decided what it will be but there are enough specially adapted distros for the EEE, almost all known 😉 The nicest thing is that 1000H supports MAC OS X with a few screws it can be installed almost 100% working hackintosh. At the moment, only the lacarta does not work, but I expect to put it on soon. Windows I think this animal does not see, there is no need for such meetings 😉 it is no coincidence that I took it with a Linux version, I will not pour money into its micro-soft ones 😉 Separately, the fact that with Windows XP such a netbook is about a hundred levs more 🙂 its attachment is without problems even if you do not have an external CD / DVD reader with only one flash drive it is not a problem to install anything. So I thought to proceed and for the moment to drive without an external optical drive. For now, this is what I can write about the little one, with more experience I will share interesting things about it.

ps If you are hesitant whether to buy such a thing, it is not worth the hesitation, it is worth every lev 😉

Well, for starters I can start with a happy name day to all the adashi 🙂 and cheers be better and better at what you do. At the moment I notice a certain tendency to deal with laptops for days and not just anything. HP 🙂 in general I don't like huled packer at all especially les all our meetings for turning from worm to XP 🙂 As usual I accepted an order for HP just out of stubbornness to show him who is the best in this battle 😈 Well, in general I started to reconsider what everything is always like I didn't catch any drivers, other than the expected movie. Through google I checked for drivers and sent me directly to the official site and I know that since then things haven't worked for me so far we once skeptically downloaded 2-3 Driavera and oh heaven about a miracle…. work. Eventually, I started downloading the others… damn it all worked like dudes in less than an hour I had a working machine with all the extras on it 🙂 Fucking I sat and watched speechless there was a miracle for the first time without problems with an HP machine and even more with the drivers downloaded from the site 😯 😮 Something unique was happened during my lukewarm computer career…. As I go 🙂 cheers guys and ladies be yourself 🙂

Over the weekend I had the big challenge of installing one HP TX 1000 Windows XP and he had Vista installed. Even before I started, I realized that my mission would not be easy, so I inspected the available hardware and saw basically what the machine is armed with. I visited the Hewlett-Packard site and piled on whatever I could., but at least I had drivers for wireless -a and with a wireless router. The reinstallation went quite smoothly and normally, expectedly did not recognize the lan car is still with Nvidia chipset :). I logged in and installed the wireless drivers HD Audio and so far so good 🙂 no surprises everything ok. Then I went to the Nvidia site to download the video driver and chipset to get to know the tape, having previously tried one of my sister's bottoms because she is Nvidia 6100 built-in and it was on the laptop 6150 and I decided, that it will happen. But alas, no reaction. With the driver from the site again too. Hmmm 😈 shit. Then I went straight to the net looking for info and something else hit a nut. At one point I remembered to play Everest to see what info he would steal from me about the video, it turned out to be Nvidia GO 6150 I start again, I enter the site and go to see drivers for the GO series and opa beam only for the 7th series 🙁 Damn (double)!!! I'm starting again by digging through the net, I came across a forum with guys with a problem like mine on other laptops. I tried around 10 link from the given drivers again nut. At one point I wondered if the map is not just Vista addict ма but it was for a while there are no such things, after all, XP is up to date, the OS is not a cat, let's say 98 😉 after some more digging I found a Spanish site where a guy had installed Windows Tablet Edition on a similar laptop Tx 1030 bingo 🙂 generally the differences are in the size of the display, the fingerprint scanner is this. Unfortunately I'm dumb and I didn't keep the link to the site 🙂 So I start pulling a diver for the video at one point I see that it's something quite modified creature and was in some additional packaging installer not the official from Nvidia I think it was something reversed but I can only guess. I didn't check and I don't understand his shit in Spanish. Then I folded the chipset driver, this time it was special, that it was some old hava, and was only for chipsets without graphics drivers. I already had a great working video and lan. I pulled one AMD Trution The driver mainly boils the battery 🙂 and I think that new technology is enough to create insufficient performance of the XP. Super verse left to put the tablet player HP Quick Play some internal stitching that makes you a DVD cover in tablet mode and use the quick buttons on the side of the display 🙂 still the keyboard is pressed by the display 😉 Hmm unpleasant surprise current latest version 3 is supported only for Vista and for XP there is only up to 2.3 I put it nicely 🙂 the program was good enough to inform me about the update that turned out to be on the site of it turned out to be a real hava with HP 🙂 With a smile on my face I enjoyed the player 🙂 it worked great. There was only a modem which is some kind of Motorola, unfortunately the link on the site of my Spanish benefactor did not work, I dealt with Uncle Google relatively lazily after I asked for details :). I started the reinstallation to 11 and successfully attached to 17 afternoon 🙁 Hell of a long time for such a thing. It turned out to be a lot harder than I thought, but I was satisfied, that I realized that everyone fagots for money and a lot of money. In general, my advice for anyone who has decided to lose the Vista and put on the good old XP is to download all the drivers in advance. If you are not sure for some to check with Everest a hell of a good program for info on your hardware. In any case, he can look on the net to see if he has done it or will he be the laureate.
After finishing work, I enjoyed the full power of the machine. There was no longer the same one to eat a lot of meaningless resources

Today I had to face the half-seated child of M $ Windows Vista(Glista as I say fondly). I don't think he can think of more than Uncle Bill and company. True, this was my first serious contact with Vista, but I'm not a lamer either. The user interface supposedly user friendly is very complicated. While navigating the new environment it took me about 15 min then to set up the internet connection as much more (fortunately he left). Otherwise, people tried to make a beautiful operating system, but maybe that's all. Separately, the laptop I was working on turned off without absolute warning while I was working. His battery really dropped, but he can at least tell me 😉 . His mother finally had another setup to do, but something was wrong and I fucked her. I'm thinking of putting a worm house(to my sister on the computer), to defeat her a little, after all, I have to be ahead of the customers. My personal advice is do not put Vista if you do not absolutely need, the laptop I was working on was some kind of pentium – dual-core, sigurno with gigabyte frames, I did not look at the parameters, It was a brand of iron Toshiba, it worked like my computer with a 700MHz processor. I don't see who is given so much resources just to enjoy some funny air modes that are not so good. I will put a link to my laptop later, which is well below the requirements of Vista, with Beryl plugin to inspire beauty and performance