Some time ago I roared to my death, that I can't buy the engine I want for my naughty MX3 and I had abandoned the ideas until something more serious dawned on me. During this time I picked up the various forum topics and so on and reached the moment when it dawned on me 😉 – KLDE engine will be dug up anyway, it is partly pointless to start converting it to KLZE – far more competent decision would be to start preparing it for turbineing. The engine itself comes with a lower level of compression anyway 9.2:1 which is beneficial even without picking to swell by about 0.5 requires , that and a little on top, which will bring him compression around 12.8 bar in the cylinders and on very rough accounts will do 164 horse engine to 220 donkeys 😎 Sounds good doesn't it and if I play it I'll decompress and push the compression level, say to 8 or 8.5:1 I will be able to inflate it with 1 bar or 1.2 from its turbine and then the first number of horses will change almost directly 3 and the second better not to consider it 😉 In general, the plan is literate and far less budget than to do a conversion to ZE and then wonder what to do with it. But there is always a big BUT now, apart from the need to find a relatively readable engine, not as I thought blown out, a huge amount of calculations have to be made about all the charks that I will need in the future., because the turbocharging itself is not a joke, but a turbo kit is a chamber of money and is quite limited compared to a custom one.. There is still a great deal of knowledge to gain to be convinced, that this is what I want to do.

Here's a demonstration of the top-down option I need to bring 😉

ps Today I put the first nice charks in my car 😀 Spark plug cables NGK in general possible most- the good that can be found on the market. The engine began to run repeatedly more evenly, you can also feel an extremely pleasant dynamics in the lows, but all explainable reinforcement cables themselves – with resistance 8 ohms are while normal are with 16 oh which means more current – a better explosion 🙂

ps2 I don't know if it became clear but my personal favorite is already KLDE 😉

After a long and thorough reading and thinking in the end what I decided to do with my car I think to put a wonderful KLZE which was born 200 horses which is with 70 more than mine. Рече Well done. The most – forward to ask – how easy it is to be in our dear homeland, in what health condition and what price range is the dream. The answer I received was the most eloquent one ever given

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… I have not seen KLZE so far, there are partial beginnings for conversion … but a whole motorbike real ZE in our latitudes absurd to find.

This is a capacity of the mazda forum and more than that I have nothing to want – the man knows very well what he is talking about 🙁 Daeba the damn one and I keep it. We are not an advanced but a backward country to EBA. We are not part of the 3rd world from the European Union. People around the world drive cars and here we wear their crumbs, and when we decide to do something about them, they fuck us even more – rotten roads high taxes, hellish fees and expensive parts. The latter is the brutal truth 99% from my friends they buy parts from England simply because it is cheaper and the quality is guaranteed. Not like our junk, they sell you double prices and mints.

As you can see, I'm furious to say the least. Why would you ask, Well, I don't know anymore, maybe I'm oversatisfied – the small refusal of any wish to be fulfilled now immediately weeps, or I just know what I want and the stupid reality kills everything in me. I don't know the truth is out there somewhere, and at the moment I can't think of a rational option – simply because I will buy an engine for about 1500 BGN which is 30 the horse more than mine and for conversion as Willie said a lot of money will go – a totally unjustified divorce. It's different to start building or rebuilding the ready-made system 😡 There will be time, we will live, we will think and decide what I will do. If I want something serious, however, the ZE variant must be ordered from abroad – the purchase itself will come out around 2000$ Doria's delivery doesn't count it, but it probably won't be below either 1000$. Until I decide, I will be nervous about how oligophrenic we are, not that I didn't know it, it's just a painfully unpleasant feeling. Here is a video with the dream жете Notice the movement of the camera as gas is supplied 😉