because I am these days “a little” busy and I don't have time for serious blogs so I'll crack some stats from my block 😉 Overall I think somewhere around 6-7 I started it this month and so far the statistics are as follows

1. For operating systems

Windows XP 66.3%
Windows Vista 15.1%
Ubuntu Linux 14%
Debian Linux 1.7%
Windows Server 2003 1.3%
Linux 1.1%
Mac OS X 0.6%

Overall quite a pleasant surprise is that Ubuntu is a good percentage with quite a bit of worm trail 🙂 the rest is clear

2. Browsers

Firefox 3 52.5%
Firefox 2 10.1%
Opera 9.9%
Internet Explorer 6 8%
Internet Explorer 7 7.8%
Safari 5.6%
Internet Explorer 8 3.2%
Iceweasel 1.7%
Epiphany 1.1%
Netscape 0.2%

Here are a few surprises except that the fox splits the darkness 😉 First IE6 is ahead of IE7 strange because definitely the second is better supports everything that separated IE from a nice modern browser and generally hot advice that did not go to the 7th version to do it. The second thing is the presence of netscape, this May they stopped it this spring, if I'm not mistaken. Most likely some spider but who knows. Although the Netscape itself, when they stopped it directly, wanted a window to replace it with FF 🙂 Well, that was a little but oh my heart

Who says, that IE is a fagot I will honestly and honestly tell him that he is wrong – he is not an ordinary fagot but a fat old fagot. For half a week now I've been struggling with debugging the problems we've been creating since Java Script and dumb IE. My first unpleasant surprise was when I wrote an elementary one CSS to make the site look like something while working on it. I push myself and at one point I decide to check what it will show me under Explorer и and surprise and it is not pleasant at the same time the rendering of CSS and HTML-a 😆 So he didn't count correctly (it and I had defined a little incorrectly) link tag <a href who in this situation worked smoothly in FireFox but IE didn't read it as a link and then added <a href=” ” so that Explorer can create a blank link for me 🙂 not that I need empty links I just don't have them, JS writes (Java Script) to show me tooltip windows, so I use the title attribute of the tag <and>. OK, this is somewhat my fault 😉 But the next one is much more striking So I liked icons links with different icons for different types of streams. В FF (FireFox) look wonderful transparent borders and a slightly yellow as you pass the mouse from above abe cute 😉 However IE are still Ibe- he put an ugly blue border on me and didn't replace it in anyone's position 🙁 Ebassi and the pedal! I solved a problem by thinking of a variable with content “border =”0” ” and so if it is IE browser the agent is put border zero otherwise it remains the default value. Far more interesting is that when I tested whether this problem will occur in another browser – eater. Pederaz is just IE. Opera and Netscape do great with my CSS 😉 The last idiocy was on Saturday, when I made the funk for popup windows. Everything is under FF again 6+ however, at some point it starts thundering in IE. I lost a lot of nerves and found all day, a string variable does not read it as such and instead reads “Radio PRJ” IE reads it as 2 variables ;). It's good that he was a friend of a very capable programmer who would remember that he had encountered a similar problem with decommissioning and its stupidity.. Again, after tests with other browsers, the result was Internet Explorer- the biggest fagot of all time 🙂 So if you're making headlines the WPP window doesn't allow it to be more than 1 word (many see him more) 😀 😎 And instead of a conclusion I will say, that in my future work I will always do optimizations for FF and IE maybe someday I will even disable it from the supported browser types.