Yesterday on 18.04 we held our first well organized drag meeting. Organized will say, that gathered around 150 cars separately those who were at the appointed place. There were all kinds of elementary cars 90 the horse as we go through a medium-sized horse like mine and get to the brutal ones 380 horse with turbines. We initially started on the track “Lenovo” but after the police arrived, we dispersed into separate groups. However, the race we held is a bit illegal 😉 Then we moved to a relatively sheltered track where we made a few starts and again kind gentlemen came to ask us to leave. At the moment I don't have a lot of photos or videos, so I will tell you about my presentation. 7 win and 2 losses. Extremely decent performance. 2-those losses were against much more inflated cars than mine so I didn't even take it hard, the victories were against slightly more powerful cars than mine, that I quickly forgot about them 😉

  1. victory against honda civic 90 the horse doesn't even deserve a comment
  2. victory against honda civic 125 horse (extremely decent)
  3. victory against honda prelude 136 horse – it's mine 129 😉
  4. second victory against the upper car the first time was with a car length of the second with a car and a half
  5. victory against alfa romeo 156 from 144 horse engine
  6. second victory against the alpha in a similar way things developed again as with a prelude
  7. victory against bmw details I can not say 🙂

If we hadn't been dispersed so quickly, there would have been more victories in the column. I think I gained more prestige satisfied with the Mazdaka by napping the Hondas де Aide and a video now to complain about the second start with the alpha. The video is naughty and was shot by the man who gave the start