Today I wanted to install a game 😀 but I needed some Windows libraries. I decided to fill them with winetricks and when I started the script I received the following bucket message –

$ ./winetricks
 wineserver not found!

Quite a fun situation and at the same time extremely obvious. Winetricks does not find the wineserver binary file. Generally normal because I use x64 Debian Linux and the packages I use are not from the official source. The solution is elementary in 2 steps

1. We find the path to the wineserver

$ locate wineserver

And we create a symbolic link to /usr/local/bin/wineserver where the script in question looks for the default file but in my case it is /usr/lib32/wine-unstable/wineserver

#ln -s /usr/lib32/wine-unstable/wineserver /usr/local/bin/wineserver

I've been clicking WoW for a long time (World Of Warcraft) and everything on Windows, that I was not happy with the performance of the game under Linux, however, I came across a post that described a little more than what I knew. More precisely, for optimal performance, more should be excluded “inclinations” of the game to use M $ libraries and graphic extras. This is done by going into the WTF folder and there is a config,wrf. Open it with your favorite text editor and add the following content

SET gxApi “opengl”

The most important option to start the game 🙂 We indicate that the task works in opengl and not as it is understood in dx9 mode 🙂

SET pixelShader 0

To ban the use of shaders

SET ffxGlow 0
SET ffxDeath 0

Added if there is low video performance

SET M2UseShaders “0”

It is added if there are problems with missing places on the black background and so on

SET Sound_SoundOutputSystem “1”
SET Sound_SoundBufferSize “150”

Added if we have sound problems

I only needed the first ones 4 declarations to add and everything was perfect. I use the wine version 1.0.1. Enjoy the game

I almost forgot to write, not that I have no desire but I'm just completely absorbed in a few new stockings 🙂 .

  1. And the most important thing is that I bought a processor. What can I say except that it is Athlon XP 1800+ however, I am currently overclocking it to 2GHz and it works quite sattly and does not hold a higher temperature than 52 degrees. Otherwise, it can be more, but the cooling is weak and I don't risk it. The purchase was quite bargain came out to me 35 which is quite good for a disappearing type of processor.
  2. I started playing on World of Warcraft wow it's like a drug i've played on before MMORPG however, this animal is so stocky that it is not true. I play in the evening until late, I play happily in the morning, and before the work starts, it's really crazy :Р.
  3. I am extremely pleased with the performance of CSKA in the match against Omonia last night. After all, we played against a very serious club opponent with a serious selection from 5 million euros against far on the temple's side 2 million. We made them old and I will be happy with a weaker opponent than Omonia and maybe Tampere.