After a rather long writing and testing the latest I can share that 0.6 version of NUKA's a fact. It has so many improvements, all tolkvoa changed, that right was written anew 🙂 until, as to give me shit.

  1. Fully penapisan and changed the validation receivers
  2. The separation of the receivers receive open and encrypted channels
  3. The universalization process is decoded 🙂 😉
  4. The Association of the database, because I the arguments above points to the script NUKA
  5. Speed optimization sktiptovata 🙂
  6. Scituate receiver 2 one primary and one secondary to check the CPU time of processes – just trying to get funkcionalnosti function definitions that are not ash

A little more literate in description changelog- 🙂

Well Maya, this time as long as 😉 quite a few changes. The script was several times more large – since its launch until now I have not had to reset the receiver cancer 🙂 Now zabalza I ibral interesting date to announce the day before my birthday hihihihihihi Pozdravte with the next song, as for me only after hard work 😆

And forgot to say why I chose the code name for this version 😉 Because probably some of the last versions before I reached 100% of the functionality that I want 😈

Before the story goes always said that will start the project Eskom cable TV, and in General we started 🙂 Already in my town we are on the homestretch in a massive suspension of subscribers, and other. Today I had Syria one dead dream box 🙂 if you have been with satellite TV or with such receivers can not know Dream-Multimedia-Tv 😉 for satellite receivers use the model dreambox 500s in General, a good receiver, small in size, output from the dvb tuner to tease another unit after him. With LAN card remotely and web interface for remote control and the card reader memory and most importantly with linux, firmware… he needs more and more people. Apart that is favored by the satellite pirates for easy šaring keys 😉 So long as the fudge to get to sŝinkata. To go to the office and to watch one channel died appreciate the web interface no communication via the LAN ek 😆 also reset the receiver idle around 2 min no no, the conclusion ties directly to him, although continues no sux twice! Tear it off and decided to try it, if I restored it through COM port it 😉 sinapred, to him I hooked up the connection directly to see if there's any hope for it with bitreyt 9600 and about the sanctity send me the symbols on lukavica super booth so Roma is not dead. Raise DreamUP a beautiful fragment on the front of the sleeping box 😉 😈 Interface and super simpyl you have only 4 button and 2 the choice to hang on to the LAN or serial port, and from there you have the opportunity to Shine and remove old flash. I first turned to flashva I've done it many times, and I know that to RUB the old flash, and then replaced with a new. Everything was fine. But the box did not revive %&77!$&^!&*!%@$ pretty quickly manufacturers. Then I call her to psan to remove flash, and then preplasma all over again and watch as I RUB flashrom and began rubbing rubbing dossani more things, with the exception of the boot ROM and. Super Maya will be, flashvar again and the heavens went wizyta for the initial launch dreambox. There further all is banal. It is important that was of any configuration which is not running, a separate issue, as their masala and so forth, but this is a mystery that I can't understand 🙂

wow, I'm really tired, maybe the correct word - catalase 🙂 again I 22h 🙂 not complaining or something, taqwaa not always the case, so it is not fatal, except that the bosses are people and appreciate everything correctly when its time 😉 now preparing things for cable TV in Eskom therefore, Alga to make a few sacrifices. ще си наемем и нов екип специално за монтажи на кабелна телевизия момчетата ще имат много работа но ще им се помага опрделено авантюрата е повече от интересна и ще иам тръпка за всички ни нови устроитсва нови начини и похвати на окабеляване нови материали. уф схванаха ми се краката мисля да си лягам определно съм адски гроги и стар 😀

Today I was Catherine organized by the company may team is bilding mudernata Word 😉 as a whole was a unique experience never before I hadn't driven a go-kart but generally have sufficient driving experience, now somewhere around 5 years as is extremely active in the last 2. So there's a go-kart that Bedlam. The small br″mčalki who go back and forth. most- Next we did the 3 heated foot patrol since my squad feel track car, etc.. Then we psunaha the qualifiers for the semifinals in which I'm proud to say I stayed without competition I was 😉 with Kelsey over the other and I got a good car 🙂 😉 in the finals battle was brutal each on Adrenaline and overwrought became quite crashes and spins after total 3 bl″skaniâ and a spin zav″ših the 5th semi-final quite dostoino presentation for one of the young members of the company and you're relaxed end that drove before carting. Sometimes, as many fellow that I have incredibly cool bosses to organise any kind of pleasant miropritâniâ. In the evening, unlike much of course not without eating and piivane, with colleagues from more offices. I'm a little terse, but it's hard to write with the national cancer, AAA to me quite seriously hurt in a crash in the semi-final and now my elbow 😳 bloated but got this 🙂

I'm still not in time of the pisl, something always napisled″k something- “important”. Huh has so much for obâsnie that are wondering where to get it. I will give in a row does dokadeto get.

  1. Already finished my probationary period 😀 and now we just wait to prepodpiša contract. Already feels a lot less strenuous work though because I had 3 months prove, one way or another. I already feel a lot more stable finnasovo – as I'm starting a home repair seriozne. I think entirely to renew my statâ Having started from laminate flooring, new bed – What is the absolute and urgent need to take a new section and desk for computer 🙂 . Quite an ambitious project 😉 . And the spring if it is wrong I think, that has already been kraino time to buy your first car – but this is more than dsoat can I plan ahead so far.
  2. Before 4 days I had birthday – namrzaih fuck this shit. Every wish you a happy and useful all the time to smile and be glad, blah poz′orŝina full and licemeria. S″brahse only my close friends, I didn't need a big, noisy party Fri. Before when we were students, it has always been the most awesome party, at the end of the summer and the last time we gathered all. Anyway, sometimes I think it's better for the ageing (porasvame is still).
  3. Finally I remembered to go to exams. One year I had not set foot in uneversiteta, with little exception, as its tops to break records. Basically there were quite a few things that I had to figure out, I think you've already put your thoughts in order and the then came and uneversiteta. I took the exam, but I'm not disappointed I was able to do half a job half dugat couldn't solve and I rewrote it – wrong 🙂 . This is not a matter of. Just buy a vrmeto uneversite and complete separately do and because of my mom and dad – the endless are frustrated by the fact, that neuča, Although I have a cool job. I think pozaradvam them during the coming school year broikata izpitete knock it down to me at least to be able to write correspondence courses. I have no desire to be the redovono training, totally a waste of time, resources and experience. After 2 years ago as a graduate you will have and the degree and experience 2 in 1 insanely great combination 🙂 .
  4. Lonely as hell lately. I miss a lot of things, Sometimes I wonder if it was worth it to quit everything and start over, because I'm moenta a new face. Strange is počtni already nowhere feels out of place, нито при своите съм свои нито при чуждите (доста философки).

Е в общи линии това ми се върти в главата напоследък. БЛАХ можеше и по- добре.