from 2-3 days I'm doing something pretty bad 😈. As you know, I have a little one without an optical device to it, and therefore when folding an OS, it is necessary to reinstall it in an alternative way, ie through the USB port, and because I do not 100 and a shortfall of BGN for a USB DVD just so I can reinstall like a dude when I folded something I bought a flash drive that my Mac is for reinstalled from 2 weeks. I also bought an 8GB for 32 BGN, the rest will be used for beer 😉 I looked at the tutorials and saw 2 disturbing things

1. to make such a flash drive you need to have an optical drive according to this one tutorial which, however, is not quite complete 😉 separately that not every release allows it. immediately followed the question fuck, well, I only have one computer and I don't have an optical device??? There are no such problems with Linux, you just download the iso and unpack it and then with syslinux you write to make a boot reckord and you're ready, so I looked for another way

2. I found similar to the first tutorial but complete with the requirement to have a poppy installed :mrgreen: fuck people, well, my goal now is to install it, but if my old machine doesn't support the poppy, what can we do? 10.5.5 installation flash everything went smoothly isntalria is extremely fast

So far so good, but still the question remains that there is no effective way without being limited by OS or hardware to make an installation flash drive for the Mac 🙂 and in general at the moment I'm thinking of various tricks to come up with a universal way for this purpose in this case everything is on 2 levels

1. Proper unpacking of the DVD with the contents of the axis in question does not hurt at the moment 100% successful

2. booting this level I still have not caught it in general I think to make a package with the files of Chameleon or EFI on Netkast according to depends and then save them I think I will deal a little easier with this level.

In general, at the moment I do not have my successes and failures, if I do not get tired I think I will soon have more serious progress., but it's ugly that when you have a lot of failures and you're not very inspired to continue abe complex sewing 🙂 as long as I've swollen people

It's been a while 3 I have an Asus EEE 1000H for days and I can't complain about it at all. For these 3 days I hit him hard on a test of distroci which will go well on the little one. In general, there are various Ubuntu havi where they are tricked about the EEE, but I didn't like something very much 😉 I'm sado / masochistic in this respect.. I tried various Slax and BackTrack but at the moment my wi-fi adapter does not support injection 😈 so I prefer something like that. After a short tour I found this tutorial Debian EEE 😉 It describes in great detail how to install Debian on your EEE PC. If you don't read it or you're a little quarrelsome with English, I'm generalizing to you 1-2 thin moments.

1. He takes you off this ~16MB image

2. With the dd command you mark it on a flash drive as big as you have dd swin option. The unpacking itself is done with

Linux – it is very important that your USB device is not mounted

dd if=debian-eeepc.img of=/dev/YOUR-USB-DEVICE

Pig <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>X: is the letter of your device</span>

dd if=debian-eeepc.img od=X:

3. You start your EEE by telling it to read your flash drive first. The installer is known 😉 I. ;I chose an expert instal because of most options and especially that I had the opportunity to choose between the 3 options stable, testing & unstable 🙂 guess which one I chose 😎 During the installation the network hardware is absolutely familiar the network and wi-fi adapter go by default.

4. When the installation is complete, everything is fine, I have a ready working debut of EEE PC. but there is a need for a little tuning, for example, the function buttons do not work or do not show the correct speed stepping and battery storage options 😉 For this thing you have to either start everything by hand or 😉 use the violins eee-ubuntu-support which I reworked wekinko for our debut click I have removed some things from the scripts , such as costing a debian X., I also added the activation of the camera беше that it was turned off by default. There is still something to touch on them, but if I have time I will do it. I also don't know if the violin will work correctly with the other EEEs 😉

From here on out, you add the repositories for the option you have chosen and use your EEE PC with a song in your mouth..

ps It's good to install a lock-keys-applet to see what's going on with Caps Lock 😉