For isvestno I decided to give myself a little break from the car, even to leave alone and poor in the autumn to poča scratch and buustvam however, as I sat and thought about it a bit if a V6 stick naduvâane with turbinka say about 0.4-0.5 the bar will be pleased. And the story began anew. Čoplene reading and so forth, and in truth the idea isn't bad with a weak naduf K8 will make approximately 180 Maybe some magarenca up. After a certain amount of accounts and so on I started to scratch for turbinka then I had the intention to look at how to do sosbtven and pročeie. However, I came across an advert for the KL-DE engine I just called to see what the interest rate will give me and once I found out the price I gave totlno of little turbinirane K8 price is relatively the same horses will be very close, with the difference that the big engine will give me many future opportunities while with turbiniraneto I was going to the limits of my small V6. So lives health in late autumn hope to officially drive the Mazda MX-3 Neo Mod 🙂

Here's a tablika for the options for changing the MX engine-3

Yesterday on May 2nd I participated in vtroata relatively organized again dear meeting. This time things turned out as planned – the little doidoha not to spoil the party officers, but so were taken by little car a little publicity for the meeting. Generally it was pleasantly familiar faces from last time is not already bezivesten I simpatâgite 🙂 hondadžii among this time my statistics esravnitelno 50:50 This time the balance is not in my favor though it is difficult to calculate because the match with mazdata was off in my class a lot so I had to eat fear stronger guys So 😆 specifically for real statistics with 4 cars I tested mazdata

  1. Honda Prelude 160 the horse with the 2.3 l engine with around 2 car me 🙂
  2. Opel Calibra 150 the horse around with a car length me
  3. VW Golf 120 the horse gave up in the middle of that dr″pkata not to fight 3 car 😀
  4. Honda Civic 125 horse V-TEH with a colleague we made about 6 dr″pki do not remember exactly but all generally first 2 were of equal, He then started playing with the fax settings and I did win with the 3 car and again equal to the end date with a well tuned car victory was for Civic-and with less than half a car and our last was hit with the same car but with a lot more experimental punk'd me about car distance

These were the main points satisfying performance as losses are again from the cars with more donkeys than me 🙂

ps Finally last 3 dr″pki with a Civic-and-Calibra was with Super zagraâl clutch and I had a huge problem with the engagement of the launch 😳

Yesterday the 18.04 We conducted the first well-organized Dear meeting. Organized means, they gathered around 150 car separately those which were at the rendezvous site. There were all kinds of cars from elementary 90 as the horse go through secondary napopani as mine and get to the brutal 380 the horse with the turbines. Originally started on track “Lenovo” but after the law enforcement doidoha is scattered, individual groups. Though slightly illegal is the race that we were having 😉 after that we moved to a relatively sheltered track on which we made several launch and again nice gentlemen to doidoha asked to leave. At the moment I don't have a lot of photos or video footage so will tell you about my own presentation. 7 WINS and 2 losses. Very nice predtsavâne. 2-they lost was against much more inflated than my car so even if I didn't take it hard, the victories were against slightly more powerful car than my so, that s″vsme quickly forgot about them 😉

  1. victory against the honda civic 90 the horse did not even worth a comment
  2. victory against the honda civic 125 horse (extremely nice)
  3. victory vs honda prelude 136 horse – mine is 129 😉
  4. the second victory against a top car p″rvitâ drive was a length and a half by car vtoeiâ
  5. victory against alfa romeo 156 with 144 horse engine
  6. second victory against alfa-similarly developed again with things like the prelude
  7. victory vs bmw podrobnoti I can't say 🙂

If you do not have razgonili so quickly there would have been more in grafts WINS. I believe that with enough prestige ponatrupah mazdoka as nakzah civics and 🙂 come on a video oplaknete now očeto the second start with alfa-. The video is a bad call is a photograph of the man who gave the launch