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Today I had to demonstrate a simulation through Cisco Packet Tracer on a machine that was not installed. In general, stupidity is, that the Cisco stimulator is for x86 machines and for me the machine was x64. When trying to install, he dies with the ugly message

Attempting to install package now
dpkg: error processing PacketTracer-5.3_3.i386.deb (–install):
package architecture (i386) does not match system (amd64)
Errors were encountered while processing:

In general, it's obvious that the Debian package doesn't want to be installed because it's for a different architecture. From now on the problem is clear dpkg + forced installation to bypass the error for a different platform. The bin file of the installer is really just an unzipped archive that is unzipped in /tmp/selfextract.XXXXX folder where XXXXX is an arbitrary string. This directory contains the .deb file of the Packet Tracer. The installation is done with the command

dpkg -i --force-all /tmp/selfextract.XXXXX/PacketTracer-5.3_3.i386.deb

Naturally with root rights.

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Last Sunday was my modular exam for my second semester at Cisco Academy on Routing Protocols and Concepts. In general, unlike the first semester, this time I am satisfied with the result of the exam I took out 98% which means from 50 the question 49 true. The result is not so surprising because understanding the routing and the protocols around it is part of my job., True, I have not worked with dynamic routing protocols such as OSPF IS-IS or EIGRP, but at least the static routing and the tables themselves are clear to me as well as the metrics in them.. The result, as I noted in the previous final exam, is not decisive for the certification, but it is a kind of inspiration for the next semester.. To approach the matter with greater self-confidence.

I hope to get through the subject faster for the 3rd semester, that I've already taken a little ode to my liking, because my band sometimes moves at a slightly slower pace, but this is a risk I have taken because the level in the groups of the academy is not the same. I can't expect boys with less experience than me to deal with matter at the same rate as me..

For now, I have to enjoy my moment of little glory (as a friend said) 😀 however, the result is not the lowest 😉

Pffff I had never played with such big numbers for subnetting. I will not explain the process itself, there is enough written on the net, how the net mask calculates in which position they move 1 and 0 and from there it is already clear where the network part ends and the host part begins. I had a very interesting teasing task 2 /16-that (that is or for the utterly unenlightened 2 x 65534 host address to split them into 2 region with several networks – one with requirements for 32k hosts, 16k host and 8k hosts which in turn had to be divided into more- 4 equals subnets. The second region had a requirement for 4k hosts, 2k host and 1k host, and again like the previous zone each network of 4 equal subnets 😆 In general I'm pretty good at subnetting but I've never played with networks on such a scale. There was a beautiful big calculation, but at least I gained experience with much larger sizes than dividing / 24-ki, which is done calmly in mind. Now all that is left is to scatter the networks on the devices to make the routations and networks to work 😀 hahaha. The diagram with my devices numbered above 30 as I stopped fighting them – beauty 😎

Sunday was my module exam (end of semester 1) за Cisco CCNA Network Fundamentals. Overall, it has been a lot of reading and learning from September until now. In the end, everything went well, but as usual I am dissatisfied – the good thing is that I took the module, it in itself means nothing, or at least not in Bulgaria, although, that I will be issued a certificate that I know all the fundamental truths about networks according to Cisco. I am dissatisfied, that my score is low – 85%. I was hoping for at least 90% but a chance. However, it is not a failure 😆 . I am somewhat satisfied with the beginning of the really pleasant activities that we only briefly broke down – routing protocols and others. All the dry theory that has been taken will be a thing of the past and the big fun with routers and switches will begin..

It's a little strange to me this week for the first time since September I don't have a whole free week to study after work I will wonder what to do, or not 😈

p.s Male Radiohead just killed me – abnormally strong piece. I only heard good reviews for their latest album.

Today, on a whim, I didn't read everything by heart 3 for the CCNA and I did the exam in general most things were clear and easy but the result blurred me – I did 100% 🙄 😯 Crazy job I didn't expect so much at all. Well true I was hoping for over 90% but so pffffff. I will not take out so much anymore 😀 If I have to be honest, I am very happy and I hope that in the future my results will exceed 90% and how good it is from above. After all, I'm a pro in the world and things are not alien to me 😉