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Today I had to demonstrate a simulation Cisco Packet Tracer through a machine on which was not installed. In General, maloumŝinata is, that the simulator of Cisco is for x86 machines and to me the machine was x64. When you try to install dies with the ugly message

Attempting to install package now
dpkg: error processing PacketTracer-5.3_3.i386.deb (–install):
package architecture (i386) does not match system (amd64)
Errors were encountered while processing:

Pretty much everything is obviously Debian-pean package wants to install because it is for a different architecture. From here on out is a clear problem dpkg + forsirano to install the error we can bypass for a different platform. Bin-pean Installer file has only razarhiviraŝ is that archive unpacks into/tmp/selfextract. Folder where XXXXX XXXXX is any string. In this directory are located. deb file Packet Tracer-a. The installation is done with the command

dpkg -i --force-all /tmp/selfextract.XXXXX/PacketTracer-5.3_3.i386.deb

Naturally with root rights.

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Last Sunday was my modular exam for my second semester of the Cisco Academy on Routing Protocols and Concepts. Generally, unlike the first semester this time I'm happy with the result of the exam I took out 98% that is to say by 50 question 49 true. The result is not so surprising because though the understanding of routing-a and protocols around it's part of my job, true, I haven't worked with dynamic routing protocols such as OSPF or EIGRP IS IS-but at least static routing tables themselves are clear and mtriki themselves in them. The result as I had noted in the previous final exam isn't defining for certification but it's kind of nad″hvane for the next semester. With greater confidence to approaches to the matter.

I hope to go quickly through the field to 3rd semester, It took somewhat longer little Ode old, because my band sometimes moves a little slow pace, но това си е риск които съм поел защото нивото в групите на академията не е еднакво. Не мога да очаквам от момчетата с по малко опит от мен да се справят със същата скорост с материята като мен.

Засега остава да се наслаждам на моя момент на малка слава (както каза една приятелка) 😀 все пак резултата не е от най ниските 😉

Pfff I had never played with such big numbers for subnetting. I'm not going to explain the process itself has enough written on the net, how through netmask is considered in which position shift 1 and 0 and of course there are already up to where it ends the network part and a host part begins. I had a pretty interesting job teaser 2 /16-BOM (videlicet or for a completely innocent eye 2 x 65534 host address to split them up into 2 the region, with several networks – единия с изисквания за 32к хоста, 16k and 8 k host host which in turn had to split the- 4 equal subnets. The second region had a requirement for 4 k host, 2k and 1 k host hostname, and again like the previous zone each network 4 equal subnets 😆 I'm usually pretty good at subnetting-but so far I've played with networks in such scales. Fell a beautiful great calculus but at least have gotten a lot more experience with large proportions of separating/24-Ki which is done quietly in your mind. Now all the networks to be scattered on the devices to be made rutaciite and networks to work 😀 hahaha. Диаграмата с устройствата ми наброяваше над 30 като престанах да ги борякрасота 😎

On Sunday it was modular exam (end of semester 1) for Cisco CCNA Network Fundamentals. Overall it was great reading and learning from September to now. Накрая всичко се нареди но както обикновено съм недоволен – the good thing is that I took a snap, it in itself doesn't mean anything, or at least not in Bulgaria, Despite, My certificate that I know all the fundamental truths about the networks according to Cisco. I'm dissatisfied, the result is low – 85%. I was hoping for at least 90% but a chance. It's not a failure 😆 . I'm somewhat satisfied already starts a real pleasant pursuits which only vaguely razčoplihme – rutingi protocols, etc.. Now all the dry theory which is going to stay in the past and starts the big fun with routers and switches.

It's a little strange this week for the first time since September I have to learn an entire free week after work will wonder what to do, or 😈

p. s Male Radiohead just kills me – crazy hot stuff. I've only heard good reviews about their latest album.

Today, where the maitap where you didn't simply head 3 for CCNA-it and napraih the exam generally most things were clear and simple but the result beat by me – I made 100% 🙄 crazy 😯 so neočakvah at all. It is true I was hoping for more than 90% so pgffff. No more pulling so 😀 to be honest I'm glad an awful lot and nadâvma and the future my results and exceed 90% and the door is. I'm a pro on and things are not foreign to me 😉