Yesterday the 18.04 We conducted the first well-organized Dear meeting. Organized means, they gathered around 150 car separately those which were at the rendezvous site. There were all kinds of cars from elementary 90 as the horse go through secondary napopani as mine and get to the brutal 380 the horse with the turbines. Originally started on track “Lenovo” but after the law enforcement doidoha is scattered, individual groups. Though slightly illegal is the race that we were having 😉 after that we moved to a relatively sheltered track on which we made several launch and again nice gentlemen to doidoha asked to leave. At the moment I don't have a lot of photos or video footage so will tell you about my own presentation. 7 WINS and 2 losses. Very nice predtsavâne. 2-they lost was against much more inflated than my car so even if I didn't take it hard, the victories were against slightly more powerful car than my so, that s″vsme quickly forgot about them 😉

  1. victory against the honda civic 90 the horse did not even worth a comment
  2. victory against the honda civic 125 horse (extremely nice)
  3. victory vs honda prelude 136 horse – mine is 129 😉
  4. the second victory against a top car p″rvitâ drive was a length and a half by car vtoeiâ
  5. victory against alfa romeo 156 with 144 horse engine
  6. second victory against alfa-similarly developed again with things like the prelude
  7. victory vs bmw podrobnoti I can't say 🙂

If you do not have razgonili so quickly there would have been more in grafts WINS. I believe that with enough prestige ponatrupah mazdoka as nakzah civics and 🙂 come on a video oplaknete now očeto the second start with alfa-. The video is a bad call is a photograph of the man who gave the launch

Slightly less than 2 months I have my lovely car 😈 and for some inexplicable reason me when I change the oil've forgotten air filter which is second only to oil hellish horror amateur. Yesterday I changed and the effect was dizzying 😉 – dynamics rise and rzhoda fuel decreased. Dame explainable dynamics are rising because of the enriched oxygen fuel mixture and fuel consumption decreased, because once the mixture is enriched not required are catching a mixture of more fuel. I told you that damn fast became 😎 will soon follow apgredi new car as will first fix the exhaust system to accommodate new well flow of exhaust gases, there will be a Mazda MX3 Neo2 MOD 😉 Sledvashite apgredi will keep them in Taina until izsnya some important details will. Maybe some will asked you your car is fast why you still – the answer is clear is never enough. When you compete in those 15-20 sekudni when you and the other car things are simple or lose or win, but shit nobody likes losing 😉