A cunning trick to improve the speed of your browser like firefox's sqlite data base vakumirate. VACUUM process rebuilds the database thus it defragment, decreased size and it makes searching faster, disk usage more efficient and possibly decreased load on your disk as read in the sequence of my sectors. In general this applies to each database that does not perform automatic vacuum/defrag to yourself.

The mere process of defragmenting the database of Firefox is pretty trivial – We perform sqlite3 db-file VACUUM in the profile directory of firefox. In the linux path is usually ~/.mozilla/firefox/random-name.default. In General, you should have only 1 dirketoriâ in mozilla/firefox. If you have more you can check ~/.mozilla/firefox/profiles.ini for the correct directory is your browser's profile. Since I'm not engaged to perform the process manually raspish basic script which Defragmenter database:

for db in $(find ~/.mozilla/firefox/$(grep Path ~/.mozilla/firefox/profiles.ini | cut -d'=' -f2) -maxdepth 1 -name "*.sqlite" -type f)
   echo "VACUUM ${db}"
   sqlite3 ${db} VACUUM
   sqlite3 ${db} REINDEX

After the script runs the search in history-it is self-charging lisik is sensitive faster. The script I think with small modifications you can use in Mac OS.

p.Here's the version for Mac OS X – tested on Mac OS X Sierra. To forename delimiter to be new order, because of the space in the path to the folder which contains the firefox profile

for db in $(find ~/Library/Application\ Support/Firefox/$(grep Path ~/Library/Application\ Support/Firefox/profiles.ini | cut -d'=' -f2)  -maxdepth 1  -name "*.sqlite" -type f)
echo "VACUUM && REINDEX ${db}"
sqlite3 "${db}" VACUUM;
sqlite3 "${db}" REINDEX;

Before I started the crap I mean, I'm not very forward with web hosting and everything I write is going to experience that I have acquired in the past 2-3 months. Administriram some pretty busy VPS in attendance according to tyxo is in the top 80 but the top 70 ;). So my point is, After all this time that already have gotten various habits and I've come to the best practices in one way or another (usually the hard) :D. I will not write or to go into the details of the configuration at all. I'd rather share ideas over who might consider.

  1. Update the software regularly. Apache, php mysql all you wants updates. Whether to fix holes in the sigurnista, whether because of corrected bugs or new features. Always keep your software up-to-date. In General, rarely a server breach in aplikaciite usually in holes in the code for the hosted things pierced but not to rely only on this.
  2. Apache – web-server and is not desirable to have more active modules from those who actually use the. The more modules on- slow performance.
  3. More users on the same server – opcode cache. Some time ago I wrote Besides, zerdion do enough tests and see the real benefit of this magic. In my case I chose because the eAccelerator real working environment he shows the good results with put all settings to it. The fast loading by little eating resources which respectively mean more customers.
  4. Push your traffic – gzip. The easiest way to reduce the real traffic you make is with gzip compression of http responses to the client. Mod deflate is the solution for apache. For other http server-and I haven't studied the issue :). About real 50% traffic fell in compression on html,css,js,xml. I need to check if I can compress my and other content should be interesting. Because the photos are real content which makes a lot of traffic in one site.
  5. mysql serer – I highly recommend if you are not awarded the project with version 5.1 to do it. Oracle generally have some small experience with databases and 😆 this experience put him well in 5.1 I haven't tried version 5.5 but I plan to soon. Definitely speed up the performance of sql queries may slightly fell load but with no more than 5-6% but a plus for developers new features are wonderful. The main such partitions. When you upgrade, be careful what settings you have in URmy.cfg not all old options are valid, is also good to remove old libraries, at least in CentOS 5.5 made Debian problems had no such trouble. Then you see the mysql log-but because some of the options have different names and it is okay to change them if after time go to 5.5 don't you wonder why your configuration-damn right I would not.
  6. sql queries. Must enable the option to save the slow query. In these logs, you can return information to the developers if you're not for slow requests to optimize. The few such requests on a small load for your server 😉
  7. Little protection – change default ssh port-and you won't need lame bots can try to hakvat. Apache secure it with mod_security pretty useful module makes filtration of pretty šitni – sql inj, DDoS rfi etc.. It's not going to stop big hahor at least lamerite will sift through them. PHP is a good idea to protect the Suhosin. Can be put as an extension or as a patch in php code. I personally prefer the first over clean feel.

For starters, those are the things that I can think of. There are not many and think I've done a lot of optimizations the server but many of them are quite specific and does not make sense to explain them such as limitacii of the caches or how the process has removed apache-it. In time, you will probably know more stuff and how to tell which are part of the little things that give a great result. The machine is pretty well optimized for the comparison we make 20 k unique visits a day, and we're the low possible vps plan load time of the pages we do not exceed 1,5-2 s or if it exceeds the external sources is about the ads or the page itself spits in a fraction of a second. People with similar positions to us are not optimized servers with a lot more resources than ours and have the same results. Generally optimize's mother and father drinking beer 😆

ps the song slightly make sense with the theme 😀

because these days I “a little” busy and have no time for serious bloginki so I'll whack few statistics of my block 😉 Overall I think somewhere around 6-7 this month I launched and to date statistics are as follows

1. Operating Systems

Windows XP 66.3%
Windows Vista 15.1%
Ubuntu Linux 14%
Debian Linux 1.7%
Windows Server 2003 1.3%
Linux 1.1%
Mac OS X 0.6%

Overall quite a pleasant surprise is that Ubuntu stakav a better rate with very little zled Worms 🙂 other things are clear

2. Browsers

Firefox 3 52.5%
Firefox 2 10.1%
Opera 9.9%
Internet Explorer 6 8%
Internet Explorer 7 7.8%
Safari 5.6%
Internet Explorer 8 3.2%
Iceweasel 1.7%
Epiphany 1.1%
Netscape 0.2%

Here surprises are few besides lisika splits darkness 😉 First IE6 is before IE7 strange because certain second is good maintain everything that otdeleshya IE from a nice modern browser and generally above board who are not has passed the seventh version to do. The second thing is the presence of netskeip Toi Maya this spring stopped him if I'm not mistaken. Most likely some spaidar but you never know. Although very netskeip it stopped directly in their iskachashe window replacement with FF 🙂 Well it was a little but oh heart

Serving as a sebeovazhavash to give hints of open source idea like open reshenieya 😉 Overall this tova the Guidance is read things from Nea my experience and read 🙂 So anyway my whole idea that things can and do them settled elsewhere but here is collected 🙂

1. The most important thing is to be installed FasterFox (for FF3 tick) add, then open a new tab and type in it


and I will be open adjusts to Lisichki. There locate the key named network.dns.disableIPv6 and double click it to make stoinosta true This is to optimize speed. Especially for users unidous a program which can of optimized Lisichki. FireTune gives you control over some annoying defects fox paw as many Ram, program is recommended for weak computers. For Linux users ;) there is even a decent solution Swiftfox It is a project in which FireFox is optimized for different types of processors, speed is amazing.

2. Goole- sometimes when you are looking for something nice to have help. The use of CustomizeGoogle It gives you a lot of options in Google search- search assistance ( gives you hintove), filters that can prehnete some saitove Search, https connection saitovete to Google.

3. banners – dosadata the internet. Adblock Plus SLE installation will offer you a list of regular expressions to block banners Daityas it to EasyList USA (May sure you do now was not me waving that I had packed and my filters) then 90% Bane will disappear from the rest can easily block yourself. Винаги при инсталацията и домабявм два израза за блокиране



С тия две изразчета изчиствате досат от банерите 😉 100% everything from zamunda 😉
4. Download mendžerite. I've always hated FlashGet and under Linux there is no sound except for the menader wget And to rely on the Manager of daulou lisika – sheer lunacy. DownThemAll! Download Manager 500 k ;)

5. Greasemonkey Allows you to include java in some sriptove pages and to improve their functionality.


There's plenty of those. ;)
6. the compatibility with some of the old adoni with FF3 :) open a new tab and type in the address bar about:config psoel right bution mouse klikvanete and new->boolean name put extensions.checkCompatibility and stoinost choice false
7,8…. I finished most important things others have already personal choice FireFTP ftp client in lisičkata :) Gmail Notifier checks your Gmail for new pisantsa

For the final general my advice is apgreidvaite to FireFox3 quite fast is 😉

ps I forgot to add quite possibly- useful supplement my 😉 Foxmarks this is adonche koeot care are synchronizing bookmark-s on different computers operatsioniin systems, etc. For example 😉 hell is Dosa constantly with decelerated for some phials to fi presonhorniziram 🙂 add only requires a registration that means for 2 Sow minutes and do you all for you 😉 and everywhere are the same buukmarkove

Who says, that's quite a queer IE fair and quite sincerely I will tell him he's wrong – He is no ordinary gay and is fatty old faggot. Half a week already trying to debug the problems of us s″zdane Java Script and the stupid IE. My first surprise was nepriâtan when I wrote an elementary CSS to make it look like something not work on it. Work and at one point I decide to see what's going to show me under Eksplorera 🙂 and surprise, and not at the same time rendvaneto priâtana b″gvaše the CSS and HTML-a 😆 So nerazčitaše korekno (I was a little nekorekn defined) tag for the link <a href who in this position he worked in bezprobelmno 火狐 But IE doesn't read as a link and then I added <a href=” ” in order for Eksplorera to create an empty link not 🙂 I need empty links are just not write JS (Java Script) to display Windows with tips and therefore use the title attribute of the tag <(a)>. OK this is my kinda error But 😉 is the next very abnormal So nravih icons with different icons for different types of stream. IN FF (火狐) look wonderful and slightly transparent yellow borderi one by passing the mouse over the top are cute But again IE 😉 are the Institute of Bulgarian language- My son put a border grzen and podmenâše in the 🙁 position and a great bunch of DAOs pedal! The problem I decided it as a setnah a variable with content “border =”0” ” so if it's IE browser agent to put border zero otherwise remains stoinosta default. Far more interesting is that when I tested whether this problem will manifest itself in another browser – Wishbone. Pederaz is only IE. Opera and Netscape work out beautifully with CSS-a 😉 my Last idiocy was on Saturday, When I made the funckika for Windows pop″p. Again under it's FF 6+ However, at one point starting to Rumble in IE. I lost a lot of nerve and a whole day to find, a string variable is not read it as such and instead read “Radio PRJ” MOREOVER, it relies on it as a 2 variables ;). Well that was a friend quite capable a programmer who would ever think that was met with a similar problem and its gluspot. Again after tests with etc browsers the result was Internet Explorer-most- big motherfucker of all time 🙂 so if you do not nerazrešava zaglavi to AEH window is more than 1 Word (many are seeing more) 😀 😎 and vemesto summary, that in my future work will always do optimizations for FF and IE ever maybe even disable it from the supported browser types.