About a week ago her drunk Boschetto I pongee I oligophrenic 😉 That is, first ignoring any security measures, and secondly, because I'm an idiot 😀, As a rule, things looked pretty ugly but was pranoto, what roncato biography cap 😉 new don't make them nearly as happy very, because otherwise desoldering toy and her, leave her. Today I had time after work to grab a to go to one person, where I know there's a programmer, luckily for me, rometo was more than perfect – standard 8 legs Abe is. We begin to reprogram this gives us something not so ID 😮 ebafi film. At one point the person to change the diet of programatora and everything is fine. For 10 min was rewritten bios :lol: 😀

The second was that today I had time to identne source sheets server and his Karam the cool test and squeeze mirrors, what if lenny is already stable 😉 And unloved I prefer a bit of beginners stuff. Editnah and give give him upgrade, malé malé, almost all packages will be renewed, fuckin', but if you go 🙄 Well there's only one way to find out, fringe and waited 🙂 And Holiness for recovery, that load faster machine SUPER! Already haivana with testing packages 😉 let us so that instead of learning from stable to teach dribbling stable.

ps here is the song 😉