BackTrack 5 It was released on May 10,. For the first time appear with an official version 侏儒 probably the pressure of society has spoken 🙂 and due to this fact you decided to install it on my EEE 1000H. Still my favorite Gnome graphical environment 😉 . Again as the 4th version again and this is based on the Ubuntu 10.04LTS. Which in my opinion did not drawback to say though the target group are the lamavi hahori 😀 . As a regular bloke, a major network's Manager wicd, that's usually a pretty nice in my opinion is the preferred ( When I need a 😉 ), but the eee-it makes me a bug that you can't hook up to unencrypted wireless networks. Definitely quite uncomfortable, with your normal network manager of Gnome this problem is absent. The situation is now clear and I have a problem I have a solution.

Basically won't insist on instalciâta and removing a basic underwater stone that will happen. Otherwise, the previous 2 операции по стандартния начин с apt-get или през synaptic както ви е най комфортно. So I mentioned to an underwater rock and he is following about contents in/etc/network/interfaces network-manager-a cannot initialize your network adapters. It is necessary to comment all superfluous, including the settings with IP addresses. After I cleaned the content of my work out something

auto loe th0 wlan0
allow-hotplug wlan0
allow-hotplug eth0

This solves the problem of not working network manager.

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You know I like to flirt with the dark side of things 😀 Favorite tool in these experiments was almost always 回溯 or at least a part of it. In its latest version, the lads here migrated to mutated Ubuntu I have tried to izmutirat well enough. Čopleh through the Forum so he can kill a little time to read some great stupidity of akerite in the Forum and I found, once again, a request for 侏儒 maintenance in Backtrak. Super is Gnome and my favorite grafina environment, honestly, I've tried almost all the possible becoming of something, em sorry just my Gnome predosatvâ enough internal comfort of work, our KDE, LXDE us nor them all there s box, only somewhat E17 pleases me. Taaaaa really digress from the idea. So the boys are razrabotčisi nap″naha and they did so akerskite menu tuulčeta not to see if you can install the garden GNOME. From here all Ubuntu might be malicious and so gave a plaintive howl, that way I can hear them whine and cry hlipat. Jesus fuck how hard is it to put Ubuntu and then get 5-6 tulčeta that may benefit and not, I enjoy them but so for hotness and ham to enjoy, they have k. Dadzie Tools and plaknat father in Gnome. But NEN to have with backtrack or else how, Every self-respecting Acker you gotta use this distro that is full of useful and useless tools that would not think to install them 😀 Enough so I can still pour pour and not enough time for the dumb users listen to me.

Finally after 2 year expectations appeared yesterday a new stable version is my favorite debianlenny :)It's a damn good news, considering napredne how slowly debian society, to distributions. Already etch - oldstable but lenny stable may change his opinion 🙂 On this machine has already been changed, and all is well. We are happy, I continue to be unstable stabyl these things, although it's true, I was lesicko Oldies 😉

In esmiralda week Pova phata beta BackTrack 4 primeneny pretty things. The most important is the distribution from slax to ubuntu. I can't decide whether this is the right step whether it is, but certainly the situation will improve to estuary support jpgsee and other. Undoubtedly, uben good step because not posla pure debian, but it is from another point of view, posla very stable distribution, which in recent years has become the most popular linux.

Since a few days I have a strong attendance from Google with search for backtrack and ways for its instaliralata so I decided that people are complicated to install it 🙂 because after the beta version removed Installer . The installation itself was more than a simple procedure. So let's get to work, for starters, I prefer to install it in the Flash drive, I mind to write the discs and so forth 🙂 the installation procedure do not change just for clarification I will see 😉 2 the method of installation with one graphical installer and the other with commands – a little hard 😉 options as a whole must be a prepared partition or if you have not already done so, prepare it this step is not going to look through it that is more than a meaningless 😉

1. Installation with GUI

Sm″kvate guy Installer then select 🙂 for real instalaciâ and do not fix the original MBR and you're done. However, if the installer does not eventually taped lilo-it will be necessary to poizcapate the hands a bit with the console Open with some editor /etc/lilo.conf delete all of it and put

boot = /dev/sda
 image = /boot/vmlinuz
 root = /dev/sda3
 label = backtrack3_final

and overwrite it with lilo-v 🙂

2. Console install

again assuming that all options we prepared in advance in the case 🙂 sda3 partition is for /

mkdir /mnt/backtrack
 mount /dev/sda3 /mnt/backtrack/
 mkdir /mnt/backtrack/boot/
 mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/backtrack/boot/ #ако boot партишъна ви е на същия дял като / нямя нужда от тая стъпка
 cp --preserve -R /{bin,dev,home,pentest,root,usr,etc,lib,opt,sbin,var} /mnt/backtrack/
 mkdir /mnt/backtrack/{mnt,proc,sys,tmp}
 mount --bind /dev/ /mnt/backtrack/dev/
 mount -t proc proc /mnt/backtrack/proc/
 cp /boot/vmlinuz /mnt/backtrack/boot/
 chroot /mnt/backtrack/ /bin/bash
 nano /etc/lilo.conf

From here on you continue with overwriting lilo-having it delete all of the files in the common and not-so basically it is 🙂

How old is already 3 I have a Asus EEE days 1000H and I can't even complain about it. For these 3 days I hit him hard on the testing of distroci what goes on fuzzy. Generally there are some Ubuntu Javi who are prečov″rkani for WELL-but I don't feel like I'm 😉 especially ponraviha a Sado/masochistic in this respect. Provah miscellaneous Slax and BackTrack but for now my wi-fi adapter does not support indžekš″nče so 😈 I Tak ADA wear. I found this after touring ned″lgo tutorialče Debian EEE 😉 It is described quite a detailed how to insalirate your Debian EEE PC. If you do not read or have a little fight with the English is oboŝâ you like to stress that 1-2 thin now.

1. They're off This ~16MB image

2. With the command dd metkate it on a flash drive as soon as you have your big dd's swin option. The razpaktirvane is going on with

Linux – It is very important that your USB ustroistvoto is not mauntnato

dd if=debian-eeepc.img of=/dev/YOUR-USB-DEVICE

Swin <span style=text-decoration: underline;”>X: is the letter of your anklet</span>

dd if=debian-eeepc.img od=X:

3. Run the your WELL-it by reading Flash first specify ustroistvoto you. The installer is known 😉 I ;I picked all the expert install due to most options and the most now that I had the opportunity to choose between the 3 varinta stable, testing & unstable 🙂 poznaite who chose 😎 during installation network hardware is absolutely discovered the network and wi-fi adapter, leave the default.

4. When completed the installation everything was fine I got ready running Debian on EEE PC. but he needs a little tuning, for example, function keys are not working or nepokazva bags of speed and CPU stepping korekno storage options 😉 battery For this thing or having pačnete everything by hand or 😉 to polzate skripčetata eee-ubuntu-support they redesigned the uekinko for debinčeto us tick Scripts I'm removed some things , such as that just fucked x-Debian, I added my and the activation of the camera 🙂 it was disabled by default. There's still nothing to touch them but as I have time I will do it. Also I don't know if skripčeto will work korekno with other WELL-😉

From here on you add repositories for the options that you have chosen, and you use the word your EEE PC.

ps Хубавое да си инсталирате lock-keys-applet за да виждате какво се слува с Caps Lock-a 😉