Yesterday I arrived 1650mHa battery for HTC Kaiser-a me, which is 300mHa more than the original 😎 . Because I use a phone that is non native Android need to make a few spells to read correctly the battery in%-. One easy option is if you use a standard kernel with editvate it by setting a new value Atools to mHa battery flašvate with the new NBH and derzaete. The other option is to use non-standard core which does not lend itself to treatment and make atools grozena neighbors patch problem.

First let me explain a bit of theory, and then to get on with the patch. When you make changes in its core with you make atools fine settings of the system in/sys/module/, and then under depends on your hardware. To me the important file that corresponds to the setting of the battery is located in the/sys/module/board_kaiser_battery/parameters/battery_capacity. It contains how many units is the amount of your battery, and on the basis of the figure inside is calculated on how much % is your battery now. My name because I don't write units pure integer and mHa is calculated on the basis of the formula

* 1.6 mHa = units

In my case this means 1650 * 1 = 2640 units, in other words this is the content of fajlčeto. Have done hastily in the console you imbed a

echo 2640 > /sys/module/board_kaiser_battery/parameters/battery_capacity

So to here things are crystal clear what should be done, where and why. However, here comes the moment for detail, файлът в /sys директорията си занулява съдържанието след всеки рестарт на телефона, което не е много оферта. Затова следващата стъпка е да го сложим горния ред init-a на нашия Android.

Тъй като несъм съм го сложил в init-аискам да изчакам няколко дни преди да го направя. Когато го набия в init-a ще драсна набързо едно дребно how to 🙂

Today I have more free time, because Whoa droidčeto I did my 2 a lot of interesting improvements. Basically, the result was 3 fast loading system and around 50% acceleration of aplikaciite. The version used is 2.2.2. Така какво направих

  1. Odexing – So what is the deodex odex and is a topic that I do not intend to examine now and who does what but a slight clarification shit deodex hashes check amounts and klasčeta that facilitate moving from one aplikaciite to another sistemka and improve the life of a programmer, да ама и забавят нашата системка защото когато се стартира апликацията прави кила провери и чекове. So long as the lyrics first I removed this is a deodex veter-clutter with the following script. Run with root privileges on your phone, He will do whatever it takes. Diff packaged packaged and miscellaneous. Be aware that you may lose some information contacts and stuff them back up in advance!
  2. JIT enabling just-in-time compilation This is another that is well bessing to appear. As is well known-java is not the fastest platforms of planenata and many other programming languages. So some smart heads thought it was a reasonable idea, instead of every time you recompile the application and then run better to compile once and then to keep the copy code byte. So avoid the need for cross-compilation accelerate launch and reducing the resources necessary. This turns out to be interensna task for nothing else because the file was in read only directory on the phone 😀 that this is not a problem of The JIT 😉 razrešvane going by adding the following line in the file /system/build.prop dalvik.vm.execution-mode=int:jit How would it otovorite and editnite is none of your business whether your ssh or through the adb is a matter of discretion to be able to editnete it is necessary to run the following commands on the phone
mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock2 /system

#mtdblock2 е дяла където е маунтнат system може да видите верния за вас номер с df

echo "dalvik.vm.execution-mode=int:jit" >> /system/build.prop

#може просто да си ъплоуднете файла аз направо на ръка го оправих

mount -o remount,ro /dev/mtd/mtdblock2 /system

Reboot and enjoy your new Android in a quick

Because I had a lot of controversy until I got to the optimal Variant – for Android on my HTC I decided to start a save a detailed explanation about the things. In the case of installation on offered, indicating what is NAND-on the phone, haret boot options I'm not going to rehash, Although things with him must be identical.

1. Preparation – before we begin we need to start with the core flašnem chip and NAND will make possible direct boot-vane on Androida. If you are running Linux or Mac OS you recommend Atools-and if you're using Windows options NBH Editor-a is your panacea. Then smkvate the last âdroto of GIT-a I personally recommend the latest version of version 2.6.25. Working on the sound of 2.6.32 and saves more current, the drawback is the low transfer wifi adapter, what works for me. Then open the nbh file and apply settings for your phone and version of droid . Then save the new revised kernel for your phone. And paste on your SD carats. Must be URkaisimg.nbh format so we can if we're right to SPL-phone preflašenm from SD us k. For these things has quite anywhere so I'm not going to discuss them. After flašvane with the core you can now say goodbye to Windows Mobile 😉

2. Android – After we were done with the top phone will start charging in the TTY and invited us to hold d-pad or the middle button on the front panel. With him we enter the boot menu from which we can install our Androida etc resetvame ″pdejtvame us. We can install the andboot folder must have the SD carats it must have a file with the name URandroidinstall.tar.gz or URandroidinstall.tgz. After I tried almost all Froyo versions I think most fast and stable is the Fat Free Froyo. Personally, I use it and I haven't had almost any bugs, hope and its developer to try so much. It is reasonable to install before you begin to make at least one 512 or ext2 partition on your SD card where it will sit or URdata.img part of droid Viv that will have installed programs. The installation is trivial, you select your system on NAND-and-date on ext2 partitions. Waiting 2-3 minutes until everything is set and you will return to the original menu. Choose Quit and will begin to start your freshly installed Android. From now on, good cheer and have fun.

3. Some words about the other things – First of all I recommend Radio ROM to version 1.65. XX version. Version 1.7 XXXX don't work so well. There is some trouble around them with a scope reading contacts from SIM card etc.. If you still want to test 2.6.32 your kernel to Android does not start because of the different parameters that submits to the new kernel init system. In such a case, the updejtvate system as arhivčeto put it here in the adboot folder, and then select boot from menûte to pdejtne system. The good thing about him that makes the system a bit more fast wifi adapter Smoochy with great speed but is not as stable as 2.6.25 which is not a small minus 😉 separately it Fat Free Froyo-it can not save contacts from SIM-a.

By 2 days entirely Windows-Mobile I got rid of it and I have installed a NAND Android on- 2.2 on my HTC Kaiser. Generally my observations are positive – not that I have time for extensive work and research on šitnite that run on the phone and stuff but I like the little ideâtam that there is a normal terminal emulator, I can pick up the phone top, ls, iptables, telnet or ssh to do my normal work remotely. I have mild observations on eating the RAM but I believe, че ако му забия един SWAP дял ще се подобрят нещата. Като остане време ще се занимая по подробно с изследване на init структурата на тая глупост да видя колко излишни неща ще махна и дали ще успея да сваля времето на стартиране.

By about a week I'm already the owner of HTC TyTN 2. I sold my old HTC TyTN 1 and with some supplements I bought Kaiser-a(the code name of the TyTN 2). My new Communicator is different from the old one with a lot more good hardware – the new generation ARM processor, 2 times more RAM for larger NAND ROM-a. Separately, it also has a GPS which foolishly I missed him a lot in the old Hermes. The previous owner was not experimented with machinery, and that's why all the pleasure of the SPL and unlocking and fell to me To drive it right now 🙂 with Android in the memory card, that's something I'm not delighted with the droid and I think I'm going to play to portna Openmoko GUI. My work on the previous project completed as portnah Touch Screen driver-a. I believe there was more bread in the project but had neither the time nor the nerves to deal with it. So far, will drive with Android-a until I have time to portna Openmoko-it though droid as much as I like better Windows Mobile 😉 I got some remarks on work of the phone but the project is far too advanced to be included in the team of developers.