Before I start with another random hate to 50 thin OS I mean, that I have to administer it every day and I know it first hand singular quite well. Today I took the time to test the new magical unheard and unseen feature for a destructive upgrade (pseudo) 😀 . The first thing that amazed me was, that RedHat in its infinite wisdom have decided to stop supporting the x86 architecture 🙄 . I am fully aware that we are 2014 and server processors with 32 bits instructions have been missing for a long time. Yep, but what do users of small VPSs do? – x64 paw more frame, as well as look at it, if you have a thin virtual machine with 512MB-1GB RAM, you will fight for every megabyte of it and you will not waste 20-30% from it just to use on the big set of instructions. I messed up because I had x86 CentOS installed and pulled an x64. I immediately saw a difference in the ISOs – ~100MB при minimal 6.5. I cursed once more. I reinstalled the virtual machine and decided to see how well RedHat did their job – I exported / var and / usr to separate LVM partitions 😈 . After the installation, I updated all the packages and installed apache, php, mysql и bind – it was interesting if they would turn on the services. As a good student, I opened the CentOS guide to the update and diligently began to follow it step by step.. When I got to the point where the real upgrade started, this cougar cut me off, that I have a critical problem 🙄 . I'm reviewing the detailed output – mdaaaa / usr can't be on a separate partition 😆 I knew, that I will not be disappointed with Jim Whitehurst and company. Except “the extreme” problem there were a lot of messages about unsigned packages, confiscation files that do not match and so on. WTF I hadn't even used 3rd repositories everything from their mirrors I took down I hadn't made any settings just simple yum install. Everything was already clear, so I unceremoniously forced the upgrade. I restarted diligently again as the script finally prompted me and everything ended because of the / usr partition. I was too lazy, that I'm trying to fix it, anyway, everything was just for scientific purposes, there is no way to upgrade a product server at the moment. I caught reinstalling my virtual machine and this time I pushed everything into it 1 title. I also learned a lesson, no updates no additional services, after installation direct upgrade. In the final step, the annoying dialogue he told me reappeared, that i have quite high problems – invalid packages, confiscations and so on but can continue. I knew in the beginning they didn't do things right. I restarted again and waited – oh what a miracle the upgrade ended successfully. And everything worked or at least the system boot and I never tried to install additional packages, but the halt command hung – huh still had to have a bug 💡 . After all this fuss, I decided to install Centos clean 7 let's see if it will growl for / boot partition in LVM – 6.5 does not allow such audacity. I started my ISO and was shocked by the installer to say the least – everything was extremely inconvenient “tidy”, completely illogical in order to be beautiful. After some struggle I succeeded with the cherished goal and aha to install and explode, that I have to take my / boot out of the LVM 👿 This is extremely not serious and annoying, if for some reason you forget to increase the size of the boot partition from 200MB and accumulate old kernels what happens.

In general, I did not expect anything and I am still disappointed with CentOS.

Recently I had to find out why the hell this VIVACOM nonsense (BTC) – ADSL Model CT-5367 is useless. In addition to his hollow hardware, some great genius has decided, 4MB ram is a great luxury and is put 2 which is insanely small- because every connection you make is the use of the routing mechanism respectively system resource. To be more specific in your example, you open your torrent client and make several hundred connections. Which is absolutely enough to fold the router. In general, I will not explain how to improve his work because it is impossible! I can only give her a password and username

user: root
pass: warmWLspot

With them you can telnet to your router, enter it and so on. They are useful if you are physically far from the router and you are too lazy to restart it.

Lately, the little free time I had is completely evaporating. Work learning programming, an endless cycle – long sticky even a little annoying. In all the monotony of everyday life that has engulfed me, if sometimes nonsense doesn't happen to me – I don't even distinguish between days and weeks….. For example, last Sunday night on my way home from Plovdiv after the Cisco academy I had a serious car accident., to my joy everything went smoothly and no one was injured 🙂 If it wasn't for this I wouldn't remember the past week with anything serious. He's been harassing me this week Python I study it because I will write a rather twisted software and it has already started and my role will be to debug the old part and finish the new one. The language is hellishly pleasant and object-oriented and abnormally fast. Compared to php the differences are about 2 times and a bit in favor of python and for resources used around 8-9 times. Not small numbers at all. Well my time is up I have to shoot on assignments, and late at night I have to write a script for MAC OS X..–Q4

Horror I have fans 😆 that is to say, that either I write big nonsense or I write interesting things. How did I find out about this crowd of crazy people whispering Neo2SHYAlien in their sleep, but purely and simply lately I've been impressed by my searches on google and the users coming from there, for Neo2SHYAlien 😀 madhouse. Whatever I have done to him, it only brings joy to my soul, as they say, even just for the fuck of it, they drag me to order :mrgreen:

One chamber time I haven't written at all after my birthday the posts have dropped to a critically low level 🙁 The only thing I can only regret and apologize to all the nice people who read my nonsense. Overall, I don't have a big excuse other than a lack of desire and inspiration, if I can call it something that makes me want to write nonsense 😎 In general, I don't even do anything meaningful in the evening I play WoW to kill some time or watch a movie and then fall asleep in retirement. I had even stopped working on NUKI for a long time, but I have corrected my mistake, and soon I hope to gain faith 1 😉 I have made a lot of changes again and I hope they will always be of good quality. Now I'm testing and if everything is fine in a week I will announce a novelty 😉 I also plan to rewrite the description for installation and in the next version to write an installer, that currently scripts are only allowed to work with 2 визши хихихиихихх.

Even now I'm angry that you don't get a cool post and I write stubbornly to myself 😆 I apologize very much, guys, I love you all