It's been rolling over the past weekend TuxCon 2017. Most people think I've done pretty well with my lecture. Personally, I'm not entirely happy, there are definitely a lot of things to work on, because I plan not to have my last such event in the future. If I have to be honest about most of the presentation, I hardly remember it, it was like a trance. I remember sporadic moments when I look at my watch and find out, that a decent amount of time has elapsed.

It was definitely not easy, even with that in mind, that the audience was extremely narrowly focused and there was no big barrier with the audience.


I experienced a little drama with the disk on my laptop. After fixing the problem with apt-get update, the following extremely unpleasant end of the process was shining

E: Encountered a section with no Package: header
E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/debian.ipacct.com_debian_dists_sid_contrib_binary-i386_Packages
E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.

As usual the problem is extremely obvious /var/lib/apt/lists/debian.ipacct.com_debian_dists_sid_contrib_binary-i386 cannot be read correctly. The fix is ​​as simple as the diagnosis of the problem itself:

 rf -f /var/lib/apt/lists/*

In the end, the result is forced synchronization of apt.

A few days ago I noticed that the meat in / (root partition) my has drastically decreased. I searched quickly for some large downloads but found nothing. WTF ??? След това започнах да търся директория с неочаквано по голям размер от очаквания – this turned out to be my home directory. After a brief look at things, it turned out that ~.Skype/ is the directory that eats me from HDD-and. A quick la -lah immediately showed that my biggest files are of the type chatmsg1024.dbb chatmsg512.dbb and so on. In details, this is the history of your skype chat. In general, the solution is to delete only these files, so your history will be reset if you keep one, but you still want to save your history for the transferred documents, for example.. This is easy with the command

$ rm -rf chat*

The following command deletes all files starting with chat. There is always the option to disable the history log, but for me this is not a solution.

In fact, these files are extremely interesting because the whole skype story can be read from them quite easily – who you talked to, what files you transferred and what you wrote to each other. But this is a topic for some future writing.

ps These observations were made on skype 2.2.35

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After much two months of deliberation, I decided to leave my current job. Today was my last day of work. So far I have been working for 4 years and a half (roughly) I can say, that it was a hell of a pleasure and a privilege for me to work with some of the best- the best linux administrators in bulgaria. I worked in one of the largest internet providers in southern Bulgaria, which gave me an awful lot of experience, stimulus, thirst for new knowledge as well as the need for such. I owe everything I have achieved to my colleagues who helped and encouraged me, but there comes a time when one does not feel well enough. In the last 1 year I stopped loving the place where I live, I stopped feeling that frantic urge to discover the new world every day and kill my brain with some interesting puzzle. Everything was starting to become more and more a kind of routine, which is not good.

I am terribly sad for my colleagues for my work on the aromatic coffee lunches early in the morning. I will miss all this but some things just need to change. He thinks for me, that is the final moment for that. I hope I made the right decision in before I was like a rock in my current place, no one had the power to displace me from the position I was in. And now I'm starting something with a not radically different activity, but to a very different extent than what I was doing. I know that more or less everything is an adventure, but how do we know we are alive. 🙂 It is not always safe to play.

Squeeze my thumbs and wish me luck!