How PulseAudio works.

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Today most- Finally, after a lot of time I decided to buy another cable to hang 5.1 I need a audio system. So far I used it with a normal stereo cable and then the system alone make partition of audio channels. Which is not so good. Now for each channel has a separate cable and the sound is pretty neat (Naturally), the dense and the films feel has been improved many times. There were a few little dramas that are fixed relative intuitively. The main drama was, that left only the front columns without buffer or rear Center after I have recalibrated the sound scheme of Gnome is 5.1 . Most of the players have the option of setting up in the alsa how to channel the audio but there are programs in which absent such opportunity as, say, adobe flash player. My initial idea was just to reconfigure the parameters as ask asoundrc. duplicating the sound on all channels – decision with which I'm not proud of it at all because I don't consider. Configuration trivial :

pcm.!default {
type plug
slave.channels 6
route_policy duplicate

With her things came on the spot until I realized that alsa can process only 1 process and while he finishes to use it else can. 😳 Неприятно но факт бях забравил времената в който слушаш или player или youtube и ако едното ти омръзне трябва да затвориш програмата, You can use the other application. I immediately told me where is the true root of things – the configuration of the pulseaudio Server. Pulseaudio roughly speaking is the proxy server that handles the information between audio hardware and audio software that wants to use it. System that for years has proved to be many multiples. It is located in the configuration in/etc/pulse/daemon.conf. By default, it is zakomentirano with ; so if you are not praivli changes might boldly add the following lines at the end of the file:

enable-lfe-remixing = yes

default-sample-rate = 48000
default-sample-channels = 6

The names of the options are asking the obvious value of how we're going to be a small channel audio tuning of the standard bitrate of lfe and razrešvane remiksiraneto. След това остава да рестартирате alsa и pulseaudio с

sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart && pulseaudio -k

From now on only for me and enjoying the good audio.

edit: .asoundrc must be content to have no problems with skype and other applications

pcm.pulse {type pulse }
ctl.pulse { type pulse }

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So before I start to write any lot and shit I mean that the article is only and I haven't tested if it works just a sick idea 😆 😎 author and does not bear any responsibility for the property and any damage 😉

So before I explain to the idiots who are spinning in my head let me a little background. So my favorite social site LAST. FM a long time ago I guess it caught him listening to the crisis and not abolished free music through it in almost all countries, You can listen to and have to pay more 3 euros per month. Basically a symbolic amount. I understand, that people have to pay licenses, traffic on the Internet, current and all that, I don't find the bad fact, you have to pay for this service. Truly irked me that residents of Germany, England and the USA are not required to pay to listen to music 😈 and the others have the right to 30 песнички безплатно и след това давайте парички. От много време не ми се беше налагало да ползвам тоя вид услуга, because I found replacements until about a month ago my hard drive at work and I have to use the emergency a 20GB old man. Of course it's no place for music and that's why I don't keep. I'm sick of hearing the radio music that I like in one radio is about 10%-20% from its contents and constantly switching from 20 radios that I've run into play list. Tiring and boring pastime.

So enough with the small talk let me tell you what my thick head. Recently I had to poskrivam the trail around the net and I imagined my agenta web-other destinations – China, Hong Kong, Malaysia etc.. And I thought what would happen if you change the connectivity of ple″rčeto and Give have Setup his Internet connectivity – Tools->Options->Connection. There you have to choose the manual setting of proxy. And then entered the data necessary for the host and port that will proksirat our traffic. It remains to find a suitable free proxy on the net by the parties that have placed the traffic free and set up your agent and the magic veil must be ready 😉

Yesterday I made my first exam for Cisco Academy which go. Due to the fact that I lost my posts gone Mayan explanation, I like this school. And so I give akdemiâta first and even started collecting was my birthday- I took it as a lucky sign 😉 generally the Academy definitely pleases me, because I'm learning theory for many of the things that I practice which is my ubâgvala in one way or another, a separate order krainta certificate of CCNA Exploration is extremely important to me and is a big challenge for me. So the scheme is as follows after each chapter which we have izpitčeta to double check your knowledge. At the end of each semester and they are generally 4 We have exams again over the whole semester and at the end of 4th semester will make several test podgovrâŝi us about the final exam that certifies us like Cisco experts. So in order of that yesterday I took the test for the second chapter – first because it is only the first chapter introduction. The exam was positive for me I had 89.1%. From the maximum 46 spent points 41 😀 Nice but I still nadâvha over 90%. This is not a matter of who knows what the matter is all exams in semester I covered with over 70% I think.

Here's some music from my Sun one acquaintance makes a gorgeous young man JaGWaR music.

Напоследък се занимавам душевните ми мизерлъци, probably I'm sick from bronchitis… Separately trying to run some things that are super important for my future. I'm totally no time for yourself. Each pulls me somewhere, the little time that I try to spend reading or thinking, both don't give much. At home I spend only an hour or undisturbed…. Yet all is not quite as grey and impersonal and neradostno, случи се нещо което неочаквах да се случи или поне започна да се случва 😀 Ще изчакам преди да вляза в подробности

Напоследък съм станал нещо много нервен. Немисля, че има някаква причина по основателна от периодичната ми лудост. 🙂 Донякъде притъпявам нервите с нежна и успокояваща музика или с високи скорости, за предпочитане са и двата варианта пред това да счупвам народ от бой 😀 Ето нещо лирично и успокояващо