Yesterday, on May 2, I took part in the third relatively organized drag meeting. This time things went according to plan – at least the police didn't come to spoil the party, but therefore measures were taken on a few cars at a little publicity at the meeting. In general, it was pleasantly familiar faces from the previous time, I am no longer unknown among the nice Honda drivers 🙂 This time my statistics are relatively 50:50 the balance this time is not in my favor, although it is difficult to calculate because there are many people willing to compete with the Mazda in my class, so I had to eat paints from stronger Batkovs 😆 So specifically for the statistics really with 4 when I tested my Mazda

  1. Honda Prelude 160 horse with 2.3l engine with about 2 how much would you 🙂
  2. Opel Calibra 150 the horse with about car length would beat me
  3. VW Golf 120 the horse gave up in the middle of the tug so as not to beat him with 3 when 😀
  4. Honda Civic 125 the V-TEH horse with a colleague we did around 6 jerks do not remember exactly all but generally the first 2 they were equal, then they played with the settings and I won with more 3 cars and still a flat match at the end with a well-tuned car the victory was for the Civic with less than half a car and our last tug was with the same car but with a much more experienced driver where he would beat me with about a car distance

These were the main moments of satisfactory performance as the losses are again from cars with a lot more donkeys than me 🙂

ps Finally the last 3 jerks with the Civic and Calibra I had a super heated clutch and I had huge problems with the gearing of the start 😳

After a long and thorough reading and thinking in the end what I decided to do with my car I think to put a wonderful KLZE which was born 200 horses which is with 70 more than mine. Рече Well done. The most – forward to ask – how easy it is to be in our dear homeland, in what health condition and what price range is the dream. The answer I received was the most eloquent one ever given

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… I have not seen KLZE so far, there are partial beginnings for conversion … but a whole motorbike real ZE in our latitudes absurd to find.

This is a capacity of the mazda forum and more than that I have nothing to want – the man knows very well what he is talking about 🙁 Daeba the damn one and I keep it. We are not an advanced but a backward country to EBA. We are not part of the 3rd world from the European Union. People around the world drive cars and here we wear their crumbs, and when we decide to do something about them, they fuck us even more – rotten roads high taxes, hellish fees and expensive parts. The latter is the brutal truth 99% from my friends they buy parts from England simply because it is cheaper and the quality is guaranteed. Not like our junk, they sell you double prices and mints.

As you can see, I'm furious to say the least. Why would you ask, Well, I don't know anymore, maybe I'm oversatisfied – the small refusal of any wish to be fulfilled now immediately weeps, or I just know what I want and the stupid reality kills everything in me. I don't know the truth is out there somewhere, and at the moment I can't think of a rational option – simply because I will buy an engine for about 1500 BGN which is 30 the horse more than mine and for conversion as Willie said a lot of money will go – a totally unjustified divorce. It's different to start building or rebuilding the ready-made system 😡 There will be time, we will live, we will think and decide what I will do. If I want something serious, however, the ZE variant must be ordered from abroad – the purchase itself will come out around 2000$ Doria's delivery doesn't count it, but it probably won't be below either 1000$. Until I decide, I will be nervous about how oligophrenic we are, not that I didn't know it, it's just a painfully unpleasant feeling. Here is a video with the dream жете Notice the movement of the camera as gas is supplied 😉

I had lunch. I got in the car, I turn the key – ignite immediately. The engine rattled, fuck the sound of the 6 cylinders is unique. I opened the ceiling hatch, although it was not warm the weather I love as my car is naturally light. The sound of the muffler became even clearer and more pleasant. Indeed, even the sound itself creates the pleasure of sitting in it. Slowly I released the clutch as soon as the traction of the 130 horses was felt. I slowly got out on the main road to my work. The road is almost perfectly smooth to move at a speed several times above the allowed. However, I cut it in just 10 seconds, the pleasure of the 2nd c 7000 rpm is unique – the noise is from a real powerful ferocious machine that creates the feeling, that you fly. Besides, I almost fly at 100 km / h. I'm getting smaller! I will soon reach the bus station and then a crossing awaits me. Passing through the bus station, a boy and a girl move holding hands. The girl turns and follows me with her eyes. I have reduced almost to 0 to cross the crossing. I abruptly apply gas at the exit 2 girls almost magnetically turn after me. Nastinagm shiny new car next to a school. There I leave a place that turns left and a footpath awaits me. Waiting at the crossroads, I am greeted by acquaintances who rejoice at my jewelry. I set off now well warmed up and the horses under the hood even more alive, he hurriedly glued me to the seat, several times. I reach the office and imperceptibly zigzag between the parking lots of the cars. The stability of the road is astounding! I slowly get her on the sidewalk and wait a few seconds, his damn sound is so beautiful dense and scary, it's as if you hear an uncle scolding you and he's ready to scold you at any moment. I turn off the engine and get out. I turn and smile, fuck and I'm lucky this is my vehicle!

As I already told you, the mania is shaking me in my first personal car. I started inspecting cars on Saturday, first I was in Sofia and saw a great preserved car with a big but, according to people who understand a lot there are problems with the engine. Otherwise, as a vision and flying capabilities, I am already convinced, that this is my car. 😆 The feeling of driving it is abnormally strong, it's like having sex with sex 😉 Today I was in Plovdiv to see another. True, it is a little older than the first one, with a little more remarks on the appearance, but with a readable engine and metallic paint and very cool stops 🙂 Overall fact, that it is a little older there is nothing to worry about as long as the engine is readable. I will not stop looking but in general I see how things are – this is not a mass car like a ford, opel or fiat, this model is quite difficult to find and if it is found in the new year with an air conditioner it is quite difficult especially with the engine I want 😈 So if I dig it at least it can fly 😉 Not that at a later stage it will not suffer serious modifications but let her be born “strong”. As long as I poisoned you with fixed ideas as you already know, a demon lives in me, just waiting for some cool fixed idea and gnawing at me from the inside until it's done

So for a week I have been shaking with a high fever or an illness depending on it 😆 I have been ill with Mazda MX3 disease 🙂 I have been planning to buy a car for a long time but I still don't decide for many reasons or the main one is that I have a car to drive and from so. It's buzzing with an old rattled Volvo 440 but it works for me 🙂 However, for a week now I have been in a car crisis again hihihihih this time I have decided it very seriously I have a good enough salary, that I can afford a car 🙂 I looked at a lot of car options and my previous favorite Peugeot 206 dropped out after I decided that my car would be fast hihihihihih I liked it Mazda MX3 in general I read a lot of literature before I dwelled on this option 😉 after all I'm a smart boy how will I go without reading. Mazda is available in several engine variations

The base model of the mazda RX3 – RS – comes with 2 engine 88 c.. SOHC 16v B6 ME available in models 1992-1993 and 108 c.. DOHC B6 D

The GS model is only available 1.8 (133/136 c.c.) K8 , as the difference in power does not come from the engine itself, and from the collectors and other peripheral components.

1.8 the option that is 136 it's horses 24 6V valve which makes it the most- the small 6V motor 😉 For those unfamiliar with motors, this means, that it is an absolute cutter 😉 hihihihihih In general they give it quite stable because of the hard and suspension which makes it great, a small drawback is that it is 2+2 places and not like more cars 2+3 🙂 but that doesn't confuse me to think of those in the back hihihihihih Extremely beautiful car with a very aggressive look. The trunk and looks unique, the whole is glass and gives extra shine to this cute hatchback. What more can I say next week I'm thinking of looking at a few ads for such a car, I will also need a little luck, that it's a little hard to find isn't as massive as Opel, ford or fiat 😉 This makes it even more… as for me. Ugh, when I get excited about something and it's so hard for me not to own it 😈 🙄