Over the whole weekend is gone TuxCon 2017. According to most people I did decently well with my lecture. I personally am not quite satisfied, certainly there are many things on which to work, because I plan to not be my last such appearance in the future. To be honest most of the presentation almost not remember it, It was like in a trance. I remember the sparse moments in which I look at the clock and realize, that's a decent amount of elapsed time.

It definitely wasn't easy, even taking into account the, the audience was extremely closely targeted and there was a big barrier with the audience.


I'll have to make a bootable USB on OS X. To my great surprise, I found that the speed of copying with DD - otvratitelno low ~600KB/s 😕 . After a short search I found, what should I use rdiskX instead diskX. The idea is that rdisk is a synonym for raw device. Well from here I added one r blokovoe device to that of coper ISO then found that the speed is below ~150-200KB/s 😡 . Already mystics is complete and the previous information was confirmed from different sources!!!! Everything fell into place after I bs Directive.

bs=n Set both input and output block size to n bytes, superseding the ibs and obs operands. If no conversion values other than swab rearrange, notrunc or sync are specified, then
each input block is copied to the output as a single block without any aggregation of short blocks.

Once I put 1M size bs achieved speeds are expecting it to USB-me. Then tested the difference between disk and rdisk definitely the difference was about 10-12 once in speed in favor of rdisk. Very cultural way to control the speed and progress of dd can be achieved in the following Convair

sudo dd if=Downloads/path.to.iso bs=1M | pv | sudo dd of=/dev/rdisk2 bs=1M

One of the things that annoys me most is when in the cli to copy/move large directory, so I don't know what percentage of the whole size I pretrial. Unfortunately cp/mv have no such forces and the necessary resort to alternative options. There are quite a few options, but for me personally the most I like to use rsync instead of pc/mv. It has everything built-in – the protection of the rights to files and directories, progress bar, like the ability to delete copied files.

In General, I made myself 2 alias-and who do more than marvelous job:

alias cpi='rsync -a --info=progress2'
alias mvi='rsync -a --info=progress2 --remove-source-files'

After a long two months deliberation I have decided to quit your current job. Today was my last working day. By the time I was working for 4 and a half years (upstairs downstairs) all I can say, that was a hell of a pleasure and a privilege to work with some of the most- good linux administrators in Bulgaria. I worked in one of the most major Internet providers in southern Bulgaria that gave me so much experience, incentive, a thirst for new knowledge as well as the need for such. I owe everything I've done on my colleagues who helped me and encouraged me, but there comes a time when a person feels not good enough. At the last 1 year I stopped to love where I live, I stopped feeling those frantic zeal each day to discover the new world and to Maury my brain some interesting brain teaser. It was becoming more and more a routine, that's not good.

I miss my work colleagues for lunch for an aromatic coffee in the morning. I'm going to miss all of this but some things just need to change. Me thinks, that is the moment for this. I hope I made the right decision in before that this place was like a rock, There was nobody to replace me vlasat from the position in which I was. And now I'm starting something with not a fundamentally different activity but to the lâma degree in it other than what I was doing. I know that everything is more or less an adventure, But how do you know that we are alive. 🙂 may not always be safe to play.

Cross your fingers for me and wish me luck!