so long

I did not write again from … an awful lot of time – causes Boll and unwillingness to somewhere I think. I tried 3-4 times to lean things but I wasn't very happy with the result and so refused every time I decided to 🙂 look blogčeto so for sport 🙂 interesting things I see. The real reason that made me write the current post is not what I most of the time because it's the same as yesterday, the other day, and so on and a compilation of feeling that came over me 🙂 I came across this Contemporary and my computer, I hope the author doesn't mind that it 🙄


I am an attractive man.
And I know it.
I know a lot of good women
and the secrets
of their bodies and souls.
obsessing about obsessing the weak to easily.
The strong
are more difficult, but not for long.
looking for me, not about love, (a) for
I understand them and give them the.
say the words, you want and
cleverly there who no one dares.
My hands
Magic make their bodies to sing,
and then
When I merge with my cry…
I'm not proud of myself, but
I can't stop.
I have tried, not that I'm not,
I want you to know, and it has been
failed to.
For this I have stayed without a soul.
I gave her
to the way of the decisions.
In fact,
She left me disgusted by me.
I feel something new and painfully.
My conscience
It eats at me and wonder how she stayed
in me
as grass grew in stone
Now I suffer, deserved, and I think I'm
on the way
can I do finally die a heroic act
and say:
– Stay away from me. Take care of yourself!
I love you!
You don't deserve a substitute!

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