so long

I have not written again since … an awful lot of time – caused pain and reluctance to think somewhere. I tried 3-4 times to post some things but I was not very happy with the result and so I gave up every time 🙂 I decided to look at my blog so just for sports 🙂 I see interesting things. The real reason that made me write this post is not most of the time I have because it is the same as yesterday, last day and so on and a compilation of feelings that overwhelmed me 🙂 I also came across this computer, I hope the author doesn't get mad at me for releasing it 🙄


I am an attractive man.
And I know him.
I know women quite well
and secrets
of their bodies and souls.
I can
to easily obsess the weak.
The strong
are more difficult, but not for long.
A lot
they are looking for me themselves, not for love, and for
I understand them and give them what they want.
I say the words, who want and
I kiss
skillfully where no one dares.
My hands
magically make their bodies sing,
and after
when they merge with my weeping…
I was not proud of myself, but
I do not stop.
I've tried, not that I'm not,
I want you to know it, and it always was
That's why I'm left without a soul.
I banished
so as not to interfere with my decisions.
In fact
she left me disgusted by me.
I feel something new and painful.
My conscience
it eats at me and I wonder how she stayed
in me
like grass sprouting in a stone
I'm suffering now, deservedly, and I think I am
on the road
to finally do a heroic deed
and say:
– Stay away from me. Beware!
I love you!
You don't deserve a replacement!

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