Skype on Debian x64

Now before your little instalnah Sidux x64 🙂 Overall this is a great distro. In principle is pure Debian sid (unstable) 😈 with hotfixes and mostly without pains to apgreidnesh etch to sid. Deliberately hung their x64 version and clicked his to see how it behaves povechebitovoto distro generally no problem with attaching the main applications had them in storage. My first problem was peculiar skype. Mamak him how I hate it but where people just have them there and you can not go without it and so-native try to touch it thunders with error that the platform is not this what tyarvba to but very clear Toi for x86 (Wow, I slobs). Immediately began digging around the internet to see him hang titorialche found a poor but with many errors and keel lipsvashti. the whole operation is simple, first put necessary for Library 32, domestic applications, second fill-relationship of qt requiring skaip and finally instaliterate with dpkg by prohibiting check architecture here it done sooner said in commands 😉 🙂

apt-get install ia32-libs lib32asound2 libasound2-plugins libqt4-core libqt4-gui

With that complete zaivismostite and put 2 Install package for qt4 as posledtvie will instalnat more 1 😉

dpkg -iforce-all skype-debian_2.0.0.72

so forsnato is instalva skaipcheto and ready. Only tyarva to replace the name of the package with your package name you pulled. Has only 1 bʺgče not showing Avatra ama to which his regiment ahahahahha. Yes, there etstval to see if it goes the video or sound it will be for later 😉

Also very strongly recommend the installation of qt4-qtconfig this is the package for Setting-up of qt applications if you had the annoying problem with font size, and so that your decision 😉 have it in storage

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