Skype on Debian x64

Now I just installed Sidux x64 🙂 Overall this is a wonderful distro. It's basically a pure debian sid (unstable) 😈 with hotfixes and especially without the hassle of upgrading etch to sid. I deliberately hooked up the x64 version to click to see how the multi-bit distro behaves in general, there was no problem with hanging the main applications in the repositories. My first particular problem was skype. Mom, how I hate him, but I have people where I only have them and I can't do without him and so naturally I try to hook him up with a mistake that the platform is not the one to worry about, but very clearly it's for x86 (I'm a fucking idiot). I immediately started digging on the net to see how to hook it up, I found a titorium, but the poor thing with a lot of mistakes and missing a kilo. in general the operation is simple, first put the necessary libraries for 32, bits applications, secondly, you fill in the dependencies of qt that Skype requires, and finally you install with dpkg, forbidding it to check the architecture.

apt-get install ia32-libs lib32asound2 libasound2-plugins libqt4-core libqt4-gui

This completes the dependencies and puts them on 2 the installation package for qt4 and more will be installed later 1 😉

dpkg -i –force-all skype-debian_2.0.0.72

so forcibly install the skype and you're done. You just need to replace the package name with your package name that you pulled. Has only 1 bugche does not show the avatars but who cares ahahahahaha. I didn't want to see if the video would work or the sound would be for later късно

I also highly recommend you install qt4-qtconfig this is a package for setting up qt applications if you have had the annoying font size problem and so on this is your solution 😉 it is in the repositories

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