Here you will lûŝâ links codes and things by my projects that I have written or modified or only to such url 🙂 Abe a clear idea 🙂

1. Script for FireFox-a quick search in the It is well known as 🙂 Because I'm a lazy piece of one time I had to go 15-20 times in a short time and date, what if in search plugins can't nabut″m and one for the date and I plug generally 🙂 is vesriâ 0.8 There is no icon and it's not going to put that old date. BG no faff icon. Here's the plugin with instalatorče for Swin and arhivče for other OS 😉 Arhivčeto is razpaketiva in the folder where lisčkata is installed in the folder searchplugins 🙂 for Linux/usr/share/firefox/searchplugins/

2. A long time ago I was keyed to one of the simple nastroiki lankartata under 🙂 SWIN users is a bit complicated for me this 😉 😈 Skriptčeto is written in VBS that there are super comfortable svinbouzovi controls who can pick the Boza as people 😉 skirpta was written for my network but will fix big bug is that razgraničva not say adapters bluetooth or WiFi but no deal to do it on that 🙂 advansed I'm not glad Anne svinbouz programming but still might be helpful 🙂 skriptčeto

3. This is my first clip Beryl put the clip just not because it's good for the machine on which it is 😉 the podkaran Celeron 1,5 Ghz with 256MV RAM of which 16 for the video šažka šernati Abe story or not so…

4. For a long time I didn't write some useful šitni you left off one such 🙂 have you problems with the debian gpg keiovete distribucite you and you can't find a similarly 😉 and also predupreždenito it bothers you and you too lazy to look up what that similarly try script GPG KEY ADDER izisva rights 🙂 root


  1. No such command, unless you've done nickname. The closest to this is ls and it's just, if not a typo, ls because there is such a commonly used combination of parameters. Oh the other hand, in this case more appropriate du (perhaps ncdu for convenience).

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