Here I will peel narrow codes and various other things from my projects that I have written or modified or just a url to such 🙂 Abe the idea is clear 🙂

1. FireFox script for quick search in 🙂 Because, as is well known, I am a lazy piece, I once had to enter 15-20 times in a date for a short time and I wondered if in the heart plug-ins I can not push and one for the date and I pushed 🙂 in general the plug-in is a version 0.8 that I will not have an icon but I will not put it to him that the guys from do not have fav icons. here is the plugin with installer for pig and archive for other OS 😉 The archive is unpacked in the folder where the leaflet is installed in the searchplugins folder 🙂 For Linux / usr / share / firefox / searchplugins /

2. A long time ago I had scratched a script for lancard settings under pig 🙂 that my users find this a bit complicated 😉 😈 The script is written on VBS that it has super convenient swinboz controls where you can pick your boza like people 😉 the script is written for mine network but you will fix a big bug is that it does not distinguish between adapters say bluetooth or WiFi but it will not bother to do it advanced по that I am not happy with swinboose programming but it can still be useful ви scriptcheto

3. this is my first video with Beryl I put the video just not because it's good because of the machine on which it was driven 😉 Celeron on 1,5 Ghz with 256MB of which 16 shernati for the video abe shazhka story or not so much…

4. I haven't written any useful stitches for a long time, so it's time for me to have one 🙂 Are there any problems with the gpg keys of your debian distributions and you can't find the key 😉 and also the warning annoys you and you're too lazy to look for the key but try this script GPG KEY ADDER requires root privileges 🙂


  1. There is no such command, unless you made a nickname. The closest to this is ls and it is exactly that, if it is not a spelling mistake, because ls has a similar commonly used combination of parameters. On the other hand, du is more appropriate in this case (maybe ncdu for convenience).

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