I think the time has finally come when I will say goodbye xmms . For many years, this was my favorite player for a lot of reasons

  • cure
  • fast
  • killed and simple interface
  • without unnecessary functionality

what does a person need more 😉 Unfortunately, he grows old separately, that is e i GTK1, abe is already more than obsolete. Separately, there is a tendency to bug with the new GNOME 2.28. I've always loved winamp like players. For a hell of a long time, Linux lacked such the only alternative, which was not enough audacious kotio was a hell of a buggy and super unpleasant to work with, especially in his new 2nd version, he was banging for good and bad. But a few days ago I came across QMMP from the very first start I was impressed by the interface – just the way I like it. I worked and saw that it was bug-free, there is also a plugin for LAST.FM built into it which is even more pleasant. It's also very important made in russia 😉 and there are no problems with the maintenance of CP-1251. After the second day of working with the stable version, I want to test the beta and at least see some bugs 😆 . The player turns out to be far better than I expected. I have already become a master of all machines, I gutted everything else that is unnecessary and freed up space 😀


  1. And I was a fan of winamp-like players, but after I met Banshee … it was not love, it was no miracle …
    After the initial shock of the fact, that occupies 3/4 of the screen, only good things come – nice interface, Convenient Search and many, a lot of pampering …
    Natural minus – is written in C # (Mono) …

    1. UUUUU anathema such players how I hate so in MAC OS X I hate that there are no winamp like 😀 I'm rigid and old I like simple solutions 😉

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