PHP pornography

About a week ago I had to write a php project. In general, I can't share details, but it was a relatively simple thing. After I finished it, I was horrified by the result – terribly napsian code, carpentry, no finesse, the only positive thing was, that it is reliable. But I don't like it that way, I love writing in a nice way, and not with the ax chopped and hammered. Okay, that it is not publicly available, that otherwise I would have died of shame. I attribute such a lost story to the writing of bashs in the last half year and the total lack of more objective techniques in programming.. As of yesterday, I have started a fundamental refresh of my knowledge, that soon I will have new teasing tasks and I will not lie like a muffin maker with an ugly code. After a few hours of reading, I remembered the object model in php, I had learned that no matter how stupid php (which opinion I do not share) has an extremely decent object model.

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