I decided to do one review on the OS that I rozboril 🙂 will try to be as smooth as possible descriptions and honest in judgment, as far as I possible 🙂 will try to give a classification of the vision operating system, execution, the user class for which suitable 🙂

Така значи ще започна с най масовите отрочета колкото и да не ми се ще да си го призная М$ Windows през кариерата ми съм позлвал следните прозорци 3.11, 95, 98, ME, 2000, E, 2003, Vista 🙂 in General, all M$ systems has been simplified for users this is all done with a few clicks. There is no need “vizshi” computer knowledge in order that you can easily work with it 🙂 With islyuchitelno bad has the administrator user, extremely vulnerable to hacker attacks and viruses and other malicious code. A few words for each edition

3.11 -I think there 3.10 and 3.1 but I'm undoubtedly sure 🙂 3.11 is possible addition to M$ DOS than he realized operating system. Is a graphical Supplement with a fairly limited set of tools 🙂

95 the first is already really instalirali to be their own OS M$ 🙂 overall, I'm not the impressions going to iscommentline the basics, but this is the beginning of a very different view of things

98 - maybe one of the best offspring ischitella configurational and with the insanely low level of security (admin 1 team) 😉 with tolkvoa ratmalana passwords for modemn links and so on, Ah, what times were 🙂

2000,2003 mostly backend server with a high level of security, network support and so on, as a rule, it becomes difficult to play, but servers 😉

Uh, in my opinion, the jewel in the crown of M$ in the best case, the window. very convenient to work with a good balance between performance, vision and security. after you enable SP2 official openings were insignificant absolutely Arabelle script kids 😉

Vista, the latest offspring of M$ and the company is probably bad, realizowania their pig good vision extremely low productivity huge load top hardware gessato. The positive side is that scanning a lot of crazy, Dravya and well compatible with most komponeniti preferable where leimarite not znyat as draivercheta 🙂

I was pretty soft 😉 Now continue the fashion show with Linus distribuciya absolute favorites (I hope to be impartial, the maximum 🙂 😉

in General, I ipproval most famous distributions, Typical for linux distribucija that isequal good knowledge of hardware for correct settings (although there is eternal pain eternal ball distrotsi for lamere) very of course, reliability, good both for home use and perfecly server (the advantage in the second) Personally private gold distibutsii Slackware, Debian, Knoppix, Ubuntu, Fedora, Slax, DammSmall, Puppy, BackTrack, SuSE, Mandrek, Mandriva, gOS и още дето не се сещам за тях 🙂 Ще ги разделя по групи че ми е трудно да мога да направя ревю за всяка 🙂 😉

发行版 – ми това е ена от най старите дитроци адски стабилна лека 🙂 удобна за сървъри предпочитана от изпечените линуксджии 🙂 😉 ползвал съм я около година само суперлативи мога да лея. Особения и проблем е трудната иснаталация на софтуе и всички неща за да знаеш че са както трябва се правят на ръка 🙂 😉

Debian – абсолютния ми фавори определно най любимата, отно досат стара дистрибуция, характерна с леката си работа и отно сравнително трудна конфигуративност 🙂 изключително лесна инсталация на софтуер и менаджиране на пакети с инструмента apt-get 🙂

Ubuntu, Knoppix това са Debian деривати отличаващи се с доста по приятелски настроеноста си към потребители с по малки познания в облста особено Ubuntu според мен е с най добра подръжка сред всички дистрибуции 🙂

Slax, Backtrack това са Slakware производни като вторат е предназначена за хакерското общество натъпкана е с почти всичко необходимо за добрите дела 😉

Mandrek, Mandriva мандрека принципно е първия ми линукс но като цяло впечетленията ми бяха дпста малко че то тука там цъкаи докато се науча мандривката е породълженеито на стария мандрек като цяло дистибуции дето са на повече от 1CD не ги уважавам 😉

Fedora pulak once easy poslane based on RHEL, usually vecase I loved was debianite otherwise been good configuration ... as far as I know

SuSE is a big Kaka pozlama I had a little bit already, as napredak a user of one of VROM was a terrible distribution of slow heavy resource-consuming but I heard that it is quite raised with a good intrument packet processing

DS, The puppy is minimalistika, dicroce, where the goals for small memory cards

Като цяло това са повечето неща има и още за които немога да се сетя понеже един линуксджия трябвада опита повечето неща за да е сигурен коя е неговата дистрибуция 😉 коя най му подхожда на вратовръзкта от тъщата 😈

MAC OS X е е последна в списъка ми но не е ипоследна по важност. Като цяло съм позлвал само верисята 10.5.2 Leopard и съм и голям фен 🙂 само една по нормална виео карта трябва да си взема че да раобти всичко нормално. Otherwise, this OS which is ideal for lamari and for advanced admini 😉 Beautiful high performance, as a rule, noamr a squeal as I cajetani all the factors and ease of use. Biggest drawback is that Apple is developing it only for your specific hardware, and everything else is just written from guys to KEF and thank 🙂 and poor maintenance of equipment is a serious problem.

In General, it is to cesaresco I left only an overview x64 Platforma 🙂

x86 vs 64-bit General 64 bit OS should work fine with chustvitelnost 32 btvi his brother separately that atrocite M$ restricted to kolichestvo ram with a 32-bit to 4GB max I think 🙂 But still people don't think 64-bit platform as the main program and driverite it is not very good, realiseren most things pass through emulatie or special spins to install x86 software on 64-bit platform, so is currently still the x86 platform is a winner, but some day and it will change 🙂

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