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Once again a long pause 🙂 Today I will write to you about my vicissitudes from a few days ago with the setting of switch supporting rrcp. As it turns out, this is a wonderful network component with dynamic access by MAC address, ideal solution for segmentation and management of not very large networks and so on and so forth. Superlative pain I can say, because there are only pleasant surprises, but there is one huge NOOOOOOO no documentation for setting it up enough (almost none), the management software has a brutally weak help, and I didn't find much useful information on the internet, abe is not a job. So I resorted to the old tried and tested method of trial and error after two hours of picking I was able to adjust VLAN for some clients who had to be tagged and unstretched, this is another beer and I will not go into details and it worked properly 😀 In general, it is generally super easy to set up, there are just such pitfalls in the very description of the commands, that it is a living torment. I'm waiting for a few more to be brought so I can write a detailed description of how to work with the device itself as we had to act in extreme conditions. So let me proceed directly to the leadership:

Openrrcp config:
1. Compiling
rev2.tar.gz and in the configuration bin folder is used
rtl83xx_Neomontana_CleverSwitch, which is started with root privileges.
2. Scan for manageable rtl83xx switches:
# ./rtl83xx_Neomontana_CleverSwitch eth0 scan
! rtl83xx: trying to reach 16-port “Neomontana CleverSwitch” switch at eth0
! rtl83xx: scannig. is_verbose=0, retries=5
switch MAC Hello REP
00:2e:77:ee:if:17 + +
The command output shows us the MAC address to access the switch. The access itself is
performed with:
# ./rtl83xx_Neomontana_CleverSwitch 00:2e:77:ee:if:[email protected] eth0 then write to each other
3. VLAN configuration
creating the vlan in the table of indexes as the parameters are vlan index number and
vlan id number:
# ./rtl83xx_Neomontana_CleverSwitch 00:2e:77:ee:if:[email protected] config vlan index 1 at 93
adding ports to the vlan parameters port numbers and index number:
# ./rtl83xx_Neomontana_CleverSwitch 00:2e:77:ee:if:[email protected] config vlan add port 1,2,7,8
index 1
adds the vlan with the corresponding index to the port number parameters port number and
index number:
# ./rtl83xx_Neomontana_CleverSwitch 00:2e:77:ee:if:[email protected] config interface 1 index 1
enable local network port tag parameters port number and
enable/desable за trunk:
# ./rtl83xx_Neomontana_CleverSwitch 00:2e:77:ee:if:[email protected] config interface 1 trunk
stretch client port parameters port number and remove for tag:
# ./rtl83xx_Neomontana_CleverSwitch 00:2e:77:ee:if:[email protected] config interface 8 tag remove
configuration save:
# ./rtl83xx_Neomontana_CleverSwitch 00:2e:77:ee:if:[email protected] write memory

Now let me explain why this particular package is used, because it is patched. An old bug was fixed where the configuration of the switch was not saved and after a restart it lost its settings some time ago before I know about this bug I lost half a day in anger that I am incompetent. the manual itself in pdf format can be downloaded from here.

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