NUKA ver 0.6 (tunder)

After a rather long writing and testing the latest I can share that 0.6 version of NUKA's a fact. It has so many improvements, all tolkvoa changed, that right was written anew 🙂 until, as to give me shit.

  1. Fully penapisan and changed the validation receivers
  2. The separation of the receivers receive open and encrypted channels
  3. The universalization process is decoded 🙂 😉
  4. The Association of the database, because I the arguments above points to the script NUKA
  5. Speed optimization sktiptovata 🙂
  6. Scituate receiver 2 one primary and one secondary to check the CPU time of processes – just trying to get funkcionalnosti function definitions that are not ash

A little more literate in description changelog- 🙂

Well Maya, this time as long as 😉 quite a few changes. The script was several times more large – since its launch until now I have not had to reset the receiver cancer 🙂 Now zabalza I ibral interesting date to announce the day before my birthday hihihihihihi Pozdravte with the next song, as for me only after hard work 😆

And forgot to say why I chose the code name for this version 😉 Because probably some of the last versions before I reached 100% of the functionality that I want 😈

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