NUKI ver 0.5

The most- then I had to fix the last touches around my modest project NUKI 🙂 In general, there are a hell of a lot of changes where obvious where not, but it was definitely quite a useful upgrade on all scripts and I even had to add 2 new that I migrate from flat files to databases 😉 I also made one changelog file, that I'm old age I'm not happy when I forget what 😉 The file is encoded UTF-8, to know in case you open it through the browser 😉 Enough nonsense, let me introduce the changes 😆

Improved functionality for logs:
1. Due to the inaccuracy in time of most receivers, the server time is taken
2. More info – reason to restart the receiver
The client part receives parameters for whether the channel is encrypted, if it is encrypted and there is no necessary service, the receiver is restarted. If not, a restart is not required.(future fixation)
The server part passes arguments

In general, the logging stuff was very buggy, I got a receiver with its date and time and it was definitely a problem for me., so I decided that it is more reasonable for a date to come from the server that I have attached to the NTP server 😉 The log system is made to distinguish my restarts and so on, I'm a curious kid, it's good to know 😉 the receiver that I have previously compiled from the database 😉 Well, in general and not so general lines is this

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