Nuka – Dreambox的监测系统

Quite a long time engaged in satellite receivers Dreambox, if you read me, if you don't know, you-grief, especially if you have about 50 in server from them. First I started to write a system which can monitor the processes and to decide to restart the receiver, because zabivai mgcamd processes stayed normal operation of the receiver and demanded a reboot CAM module. So I decided, it would be easier if you write something just skriptche that automate this procedure.

Current admit for NUKA it is 1.3. Again contentedly passed the time, about half a year after the last announcement. In the end, I got satisfied with the finished product, estestven and works decently well. At the moment, has several important improvements that can be seen in news and I will try to describe them later in the change log-a.

The script works with CCcam, NewCS and MgCamd without any problems, probably other will work, but I haven't checked for lack of spare receivers. I want to write a setup that can handle and install NUKA-he is without having to play 2 hours and to you head – It's so dumb as simple Neo2SHYAlien 😈 . But it will be in- distant future. At the moment the script runs completely on the receiver like a demon, start up stays in the background and does its job silently and undetected. Already on the server, you only need 3 for small things a little php skriptche who may submit information upon request from a receiver that de cryptographic modules are and if the receiver passes an encrypted channel. Another little php skriptche that request information about restartit and beat them in the database. Besides, I left one open port through which are passed a log receivers to restartit. As long as shit here and all the necessary files

The main scenario


helper script (removed dependencies)

Nuka Addon

the boot script


This three scenarios. Need to find this /var/etc/ and the right 777 🙂 for linux users might be hard to understand so I hope soon to write an installer and to cancel the 🙂 and not only because there are upload databases paste miscellaneous scripts here and there are uncomfortable working 😉

The server has the following 3

this stuff is the daemon through which information is transmitted. for this purpose I use nc port 666 😈 can be prunastri be careful where you put it and change the way in which is kept the logos from the receiver.

server demon you no longer need the script may transfer the information directly on the php script on the server

New script for transcribing the journals (logs)


This is a php script which is responsible for the applications of receivers to provide them with the necessary information. remove the extension and place it in the folder demon the 🙂 WEB server this can be changed by changing the position of the info file in the main script of NUKI 😉


This shit handled logos from the restart of receivers and pouring them into the database. not the least, read the script if you have changed things. I put it in crontab the 1 hour


I studied the old version in a separate directory, however, fundamentally different from new and no sense in stopping. If some wonder what was before OLD NUKA 🙂

I want to Express my gratitude ShadowX my good friend, Linux guru and guiding light in an unfamiliar leads. Also Nathariel my good friend, programmer and listener sick to my ideas. And last but not least, the man who was named script and inspiration in the astonishing moments.

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  1. Hi, very interesting idea, but not enough clear description of the installation! You can read more:
    1. SQL script database with all create tables
    2. Available PHP files
    3. Breeder Bash scripts on your Dreambox
    If you give the details I could write a full installer.

    1. The idea is to give stable and is itself a unique. I know I'm super ignorantly described and there are a lot of things about doobâsneniâ but where lack of time where of laziness I didn't do my part and the web is super b″gava but is a personal server that is not publicly available and that's why I did not give all the scripts in the latest version 🙂 are avoided lots of dependencies and punk shit which oblige web server to say it was * nix machine. If you want I can give you more details on mail 🙂
      Separately, the entire project took it alone which is quite labor intensive task, separately that I learnt it everything in motion, I'd love to expand it with some new features and stuff but for now will remain on set plan, and will soon lose the ability to access the dreambox receivers and everything will have to be done through the emulator 🙂
      The current version 1.3 I can boldly say that work many multiples better than all your ancestors noticed some unpleasant moments but continues to work. Stable has been tested on dreambox 500s with 4.70 software.

      1. I would be very grateful, If you tell me how to install, I have currently 25 receivers and I need for each song, monitor your work and show a detailed report on what place. Here is my email address: @

  2. I'm now working in this direction and I want to implement a system for monitoring the Dreambox:
    1. For access control – show graphics, like Zabbix or Munin
    2. Restart in case of freezing
    3. The establishment of information channels and sharing.

    1. Well a little late in the day I will send you the necessary files with more literate description where and what to do 🙂 For graphics I never thought to write because it took me but if you want you can dorabotiš web part you want me 🙂

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