Nuki – Dreambox Monitoring System

He has been dealing with satellite receivers for a long time dreambox, if you have read me, if you didn't know, that's a pain especially if you have around 50 in your server by them. At first I started writing a system that monitors processes and according to depends on deciding whether to restart the receiver, because due to clogging mgcamd processes it stopped the normal operation of the receiver and required a restart of CAM module. So I decided, that it will be easier if I write some simple script to automate this procedure.

The current version of NUKI is 1.3. Again, about half a year has passed since the last announcement. In the end, I already have a satisfied product, tested and works pretty well. There are currently several important improvements that can be seen in the news and I will try to describe them later в change log-a.

The script works with CCcam, NewCS and MgCamd without problems, he will probably work with others as well, but I haven't tested due to lack of backup receivers. I want to write an installer that can process and install NUKI without having to play 2 hours and shake your head – abe this stupid Neo2SHYAlien which is so simple 😈 . But it will happen in more- distant future. Currently, the script works entirely on the receiver as a daemon, starts up stays in the background and does its job quietly and unobtrusively. Now the server only needs it 3 small things a little php a script that can provide information when requested by the receiver about what decryption modules are used and whether the receiver transmits an encrypted channel. Another small php script to take the restart information and push it into the database. I also left an open port through which to transfer the receiver logs before restarting. Enough nonsense, here are the necessary files

The main script


помощния скрипт (премахната зависимост)

Nuki Addon

стартиращ скрипт


Това са трите скрипта. Необходимо е да се намират е /var/etc/ и да са с права 777 🙂 For non-linux users it may be difficult to understand so I hope to write an installer soon and cancel you 🙂 And not just because there is a database upload paste various scripts here and there awkward work 😉

The server has the following 3

this nonsense is the demon through which information is transferred. for this purpose i use nc per port 666 😈 can be reconfigured if desired, be careful where they place it and change the path in which the logo is saved by the receiver.

server demon no longer needed the script can transfer the information directly to the php script of the server

The new script for saving logs (logs)


This is the php script that is responsible for the requests of the receivers to provide them with the necessary information. remove the extension and place it in a folder demon on your WEB server 🙂 This can be changed by changing the position of the info file in the main NUKI script 😉


this nonsense processes the logs from the restart of the receivers and pours them into the database. review the script again if things have changed. i put it in crontab on 1 time


I separated the old version in a separate directory, however, it is radically different from the new one and there is no point in interfering. If some are interested in what was before OLD NUKI 🙂

I want to express my gratitude to ShadowX my good friend, Linux guru and guiding light in the unknown to me leads. Also on Nathariel my good friend, programmer and listener to my sick ideas. Also last but not least the man after whom the script is named and inspiration in the mind-boggling moments.

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  1. Hello, very interesting idea, but not a clear enough description of the installation! You can read more:
    1. SQL script database with all table creation
    2. Location PHP files
    3. Breeder Scripts Bash on your Dreambox
    If I give you details I could write a complete installer.

    1. I give the idea is stable and in itself is unique. I know that I have described super illiterate and there are many things for explanations but where due to lack of time I did not do them out of laziness and my web part itself is super buggy but it is on a personal server which is not publicly available and therefore I have not given all scripts 🙂 The latest version avoids many dependencies and idiotic idiocies that oblige the web server to be, say, a * nix machine. If you want I can give you more details by mail 🙂
      Apart from the fact that I ran the whole project myself, which is quite a laborious task, apart from learning everything on the go, I would be happy to expand it with some new features and so on but for now it will remain on schedule, and I will soon lose the ability to access dreambox receivers and everything will have to be done through an emulator 🙂
      The current version 1.3 I can safely say that it works many times better than all its predecessors, I noticed some unpleasant moments, but it still works. It is stably tested on dreambox 500s with 4.70 software.

      1. L will be very thankful, if more tell me how to install, I have at the moment 25 receivers and I need for each song, monitor your work and show a detailed report of what place. Here is my email address: @

  2. I am now working in this direction and I want to implement a Dreambox monitoring system:
    1. For access control – to show graphs, like Zabbix or Munin
    2. Restart in case of freezing
    3. Creating information channels and sharing.

    1. Well, a little later in the day I will send you the necessary files with a more competent description of where and what to do 🙂 I haven't thought about writing for graphics because I didn't need them, but if you want you can finish my web part as you wish 🙂

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