NUKI 1.1 (stable)

The most- I finally managed to finish my work on the script I've been writing for so long 🙂 Already NUKI is one quite a stable script. I emphasize 1 because I removed the additional script by embedding it in the main one. It has already acquired a monolithic structure, but personally I think it's better for a demon option 🙂 There aren't many improvements anymore, rather, they are fixes for various minor bugs and attempts to improve the code. The only noticeable thing I've added is a check on the receiver's uptime. I have set it for everyone 10 days to restart alone.

Looking back and my original idea for a script that just tracks the receivers what happens to them I think, that I have quite well realized my idea many times. The only glitch I hope to avoid with 10 the daily restart is – there are times when the receiver starts to reboot, but fails. It kills most services, including the network one, but fails to restart. Unfortunately, due to the restrictions imposed on me by the boxes, I could not make the restart be from the kernel and thus avoid this moment.. Maybe some day in the future I will compile my image for the boxes and thus I will be able to deal with this problem.. For now, I hope my last decision is to blur it 🙂 Otherwise, everything else turned out extremely well, even much better than I originally intended. Especially in a situation, that imitated through so many metamorphoses. The most buggy part remained the web interface, so I still don't give it 😆 after I sit down to rewrite it these days I'll upload it for free consumption. Final words – instead of procrastinating I just want to thank all my friends, that they tolerated my stupid questions about this and that – you have an important contribution to the code design. The person to whom the project is named deserves gratitude and served as an inspiration for me in most moments of incompetent writing 🙂 … I deserve it!

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