NUKI 1.0 (stronger)

Ehh, let's just say I've seen better NUKI 1.0 🙂 Why from version 0.6 I jumped on 1.0 you will ask me very simply – we already have one 100% universal NUKI covering all requirements, with a few exceptions which will be fixed for the future and more importantly the current version is implemented in a radically different way. I went back to my old idea of ​​being a demon and with a little trial and error this time things worked great. The server application is completely gutted, except for a short php script from which the NUKI draws information 🙂

Well I have already achieved almost everything with NUKI far more? Well, if I have to be honest, I can always do more, for example, I'm considering making an installer of the script itself, let's say to make things somehow easier and more understandable, even for a non-Linux user, everything should happen with the most- little problems for the user. But there is time for everything. At the moment in NUKI, among other things, I have added a module that monitors the connection to the server, if the receiver itself disappears, it restarts. At the moment I have not yet established whether it works hihihihihh 😆 Abe in general viangi will have something to wish for more or some fresh idea from some still a chapter can not think like 2-3-4 or more, even mine 😈

ps I play again with a code name. I think I already have an extremely solid foundation for everything I decide to do with my script in the future

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