No time

Lately and I had little free time evaporates completely. Job learning programming, an infinite loop – protâžen sticky and even a bit annoying. In the whole of the everyday monotony which has swallowed me, If you sometimes don't happen shenanigans – even if there is no difference between the days weeks….. For example, last Sunday night I was driving home from Plovdiv after Cisco Academy, I had my serious car accident, to my delight everything was slightly injured and no 🙂 if it wasn't for that I wouldn't remember this past week with nothing serious. In this week's bugging me Python I'm teaching him because I'm going to write a pretty fancy software and is already launched and my role will be to deb″gna the old part and a new finish. The language is incredibly nice iczâlo object oriented and insanely fast. By comparison with the differences are about php 2 times and slightly in favour of python and for the resources used around 8-9 times. Not small numbers. Is the time I should be firing more tasks, and in the latter part of the night I have to write a script for MAC OS X.–Q4

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