No time

Lately, the little free time I had is completely evaporating. Work learning programming, an endless cycle – long sticky even a little annoying. In all the monotony of everyday life that has engulfed me, if sometimes nonsense doesn't happen to me – I don't even distinguish between days and weeks….. For example, last Sunday night on my way home from Plovdiv after the Cisco academy I had a serious car accident., to my joy everything went smoothly and no one was injured 🙂 If it wasn't for this I wouldn't remember the past week with anything serious. He's been harassing me this week Python I study it because I will write a rather twisted software and it has already started and my role will be to debug the old part and finish the new one. The language is hellishly pleasant and object-oriented and abnormally fast. Compared to php the differences are about 2 times and a bit in favor of python and for resources used around 8-9 times. Not small numbers at all. Well my time is up I have to shoot on assignments, and late at night I have to write a script for MAC OS X..–Q4

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